Self promotion: Operation Peardrop

Hey guys, here’s a little bit of self promotion, something I meant to share a couple of months ago.

Operation Peardrop is my first published RPG product, it’s a mission (adventure/module) for Small Niche Games WW2:Operation Whitebox game, in which the players take the part of special forces (in my case British Commandos) on various missions behing enemy lines.

Operation Peardrop is available in PDF or Print On Demand, the core game rules are available in a free/PWYW PDF or in print from the usual places.

As with any income I make from the hobby (writing, 3D printing or painting comissions etc) every penny goes into my Gary Con fund, I hope to see you in Lake Geneva again in March!

Operation Whitebox is one of those games I keep meaning to get my hands on but just haven’t done so yet.


It’s pretty neat ruleset. Pete Spahn does a good job of getting an old school war movie feel out of what is essential basic D&D rules. The burst/sustained fire rules are particularly elegant.

I’m working on a new scenario inspired by the movie ‘Kelly’s Heroes’, hope to have it ready for play test by Gary Con.

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Bruce, thanks for pointing to OWB, and your module. I grabbed the game and a bunch of the add-ons (including yours) recently – eagerly awaiting my hardcover of the main book. Really dig what I see so far, and I like the scaling… the system is bloody deadly in its base form with d6 hit dice, but the mind boogles at what d20 hit dice would look like. And I particularly like the, “You’re a damned highly trained commando, you only fail on a 1,” angle. Good stuff.
Going to try my damnedest to get this to the table. I ran some WWII stuff in GURPS eons ago (like 25 years ago), but this will play far easier. Will post my thoughts on your work if you want, once I stop leafing through OWB itself…

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Thanks Harrigan!

OWB is a LOT of fun, and it certainly can be lethal - my first ever playtest of Operation Peadrop ended with a very cinematic final stand where the PCs were holding their own right until someone fumbled a grenade, dropping it at their feet. Only one PC made the save!