Seeking Players - Blades in the Dark - Bioshock

Our friend, Jiggly on discord posted the following

With the ending of my SotDL Game due to players being busy I decided to start up a Blades in the Dark game due to buying the books a few weeks ago:

“Listen lads, The Sunken city of Baron’s Hollow is dark and treacherous, from the The Big Leak, to the Dead Gardens, everyone you meet is out to get you and if they’re not, they will be. the city is a towering underwater spire of hatred, grime and deceit. So what you need is a friend, a friend like me” - Squeaky Dave.

Hey all, I’m looking to run an underwater themed Blades in the Dark game based on the pre-fallen city of Rapture from Bioshock. This game will be run every Monday Night at 8pm GMT, I already have three players and would like up to six but no more than that.

Game will be run over Discord Voice and on Roll20 for rolling and tokens. Feel free to message me here in this channel or to PM me if interested.

Please hit him up if you’re interested:


he is here on the forums @Jiggly

That theme sounds amazing.

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@Jiggly did you get folks to play in this. Just wondered if there was an update.

Sadly not, however one of my longterm players stepped up and asked if he could run 5e instead so I let him do that, will try to run this game at a different time slot me thinks.

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Sorry to hear this.

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