Scum & Villainy Mustering

Howdy folks! June got away from me but I want to make sure to get this ship flying!
@Hobbs @digitalhobbit @Harrigan @sean @mgr @NickDub (and anyone else interested) please fill out this doodle poll or post here about your availability:

Elevator Pitch on Scum & Villainy: Crew of a spaceship, trying to keep flying and make ends meet while under the iron-fisted rule of the Galactic Hegemony (Forged in the Dark game)

One-Shot Pitch: What’s your specialty?

  • Smugglers and blockade runners. Looking to do odd jobs, small thefts, and find lost items?
  • Extraction specialists. Looking to find missing people or items and claim bounties?
  • Rebels and criminals. Looking to protect the downtrodden and fight the Hegemony (think Empire)?

Would folks prefer pre-gens or to be run through character creation?
What do you folks think?


Awesome! Just submitted the Doodle poll.

For the 6-hour weeknight blocks, the later intervals would work better for me (starting at 6pm or 7pm MDT), as I usually still work at 5pm MDT.

Regarding characters:
I’m generally a fan of pre-gens for one-shots. It’s been a while since I’ve played a FitD game. In your experience, how long does character creation take? If you think we can finish this fairly quickly, in order to leave enough time for the actual adventure, I’m happy to go with that instead.

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We can definitely push to the later block timewise.

Character creation: It really depends on the person. I’ve had folks make them in 5 minutes and others who take more like an hour. I’m leaning towards the pre-gen route myself (especially with regards to the Crew sheet).

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Ok, I weighed in. Saturday days are best but did see a Tuesday that could work for me.

Not sure about character gen. May be fun, but I’m good with pregens.


Sadly, I’ll miss this one too – sorry to stiff you, @Luckstrider, really wanted to give this a whirl with you.

Put in my answers in the poll. Looking forward to trying this out!

I like character creation, but for oneshots pregens are good too.

Will keep an eye on this to see what times end up working out for everyone.


Alrighty, if it works for everyone still let’s plan on Tuesday July 20th. Would a 7:30pm (CST) soft start (8:00pm CST hard start) work for folks or do we need to shift around times a bit? @sean @digitalhobbit @mgr @NickDub

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Sounds good! Tue 7/20 at 7:30pm CDT works for me.

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No worries, if I get pretty accustomed to the online tools then running more one-shots of this (and other FitD games) will be super easy.

Hmm…Smugglers, Bounty Hunters, or Rebels? What do you folks think?

Either Smugglers or Bounty Hunters sounds most fun to me, but Rebels is totally fine, too. What do others think?

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Room for one more?

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Does this work @awoltrooper ?

Darn, I should have read the comments a little closer- Tuesdays are my DCC Hexcrawl- but it looks like you have a whole group, so I’ll bow out here, and pop in some other time.

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No worries, I have a feeling I will offer this one again. I’ll try to get you into that one!

Aye! My fault on communication issues, I was expecting it through Discord and rarely check the forums.

Is there still a slot for me for tuesday?

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So it’s this Tuesday the 20th. Am I in on this or was there someone else that stepped in to make quorum?

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Totally in if you can make it!


I’m going to switch communication to discord, if I can figure that out.