Screaming Womp Rats: Echoes of the Past - Wave 2

Scenario Name: Echoes of the Past
Event Date: Wednesday, December 30
Time: 8:00pm to 12:00am cdt
Sign up deadline: 8pm cdt Monday, December 28
Note: This will NOT be streamed. We will use Foundry VTT and Zoom. You will need your character completed no later than 11:30pm Tuesday, December 29. Pregens will be available.

Please review Rebel Alliance Soldiers Handbook for campaign details.

Adventure by Peter Meindertsma for Fire Across the Galaxy campaign


I’m in!

Reading the character creation chapter right now and will share my character in the next few days.

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don’t forget character art. Helps when I do the token.

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My character is here, along with two images (the close-up probably works better for the token).

I’m playing Q766-LOM, who goes by the nickname “Q”. An LOM droid that used to be a protocol / nanny droid, but was later reprogrammed as a mechanic / procurer of technology by a fence. He almost got captured when trying to “procure” an item from an Empire outpost, but rescued by the rebel alliance. Now he procures and repairs technology for them (Engineer - Mechanic career). He’s also on a quest to rescue his former owner.

This is my first Star Wars FFG game, and I wasn’t quite sure about the right balance between attributes, skills, and talents to invest in - kind of daunting. Let me know if anything looks totally dumb, and I’ll try to fix it. :slight_smile:

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I am in if you will have me Sir

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Being a patron, @Eric_Salzwedel, you should be good. Get me link to your pc, with avatar please.

Hi Sean, If you have room for this week I would love to play. I’m reading the handout and making a PC right now and can forward the info asap.

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Count me in for a pre-gen.

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@digitalhobbit do you have a decent sized pic of PC, say 250px >?

never mind. I see it.

So @sean I’ve read over the rules a bit and I futzed around making a character but for convenience I’ll take a pregen and maybe submit a character next mission if that’s cool.

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Sounds like a plan!


Ok. We have 4 players confirmed.


I’ll leave the topic open for one more and anyone that may be an alternate.

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All spots spoken for now?

Primaries would be filled if you’re in @Harrigan , yes.

I’m good with a couple more to put on the wait list. Last time I lost 2 people the night before and the day of the game. Just a heads up to others.

So tomorrow night, with the PC finished by tonight, yeah? I think my book arrived today…

Is there a particular gap in skills based on the current group, any way I should lean a PC?

@sean I can fill in if you need another person last minute (and I’ll have the right computer setup this time).

Kev, you already went through this one. :slight_smile:

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Current squad composition:

Aatron - human, commander, tactician
Flames - droid, solider, commando
Q766-LOM - droid, engineer, mechanic
Vendri - duros, spy

Oh ha, whoops

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Count me in if you’ll have me, then. My book arrived and everything! But holy daunting. I think I’ll look for that online character generator…

What’s Aatron’s story? I don’t want to step on toes, but have two ideas so far:

Ex-Imperial who left the Empire after Alderaan, or a Mon Cal pilot type. Likely both new to the Alliance…

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