Ryuutama anyone?

Anyone here run Ryuutama or Golden Sky Stories? I’ve purchased both of them but have never played.

Thanks in advance!


I’ve not heard of either of them - what got you interested in them? system? setting?

Both are translations of Japanese rpg’s. One is called “Hayao Miyazaki’s Oregon Trail”, the other is another pastoral game. While both are supposed to emphasize journeys and story telling, Ryuutama can get violent as it has a combat and magic element to it. Golden Sky is supposedly a game where you take the role of helpful yokai and help the humans behind the scenes.

Both are known as “honobono” or “heartwarming” rpg games.

Haven’t had a good look at them for a while, so I can’t expound on the system.

I’d heard that both have strong followings so I figured I’d check them out. The youtube video I found was, frankly annoying and still haven’t seen any actual plays.

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Interesting! Those themes seem pretty cool.

Here’s a link to a review:


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