Running My First Game In Two Years

The time has finally arrived. After a little more than 2 years, I’m finally running an in-person game. With people. (Or highly advanced robots, still haven’t ruled that out yet.)

Nothing wild or gritty. We’re starting up an adventure for my Ironbound: Guardians of Novala game and half of the group is from one of my long time groups. It’ll be a more light-hearted escapade of Novallan witches who discover a plot by the Apothecary to destroy the sacred Elder Tree. Lots of reasons why this should be nothing but fun.

But I’m shitting bricks at the moment. (By the way, do NOT google how to stop shitting bricks. Or at least keep your safe search on.) For the past two years, my only option has been play-by-post games or emailing out material for others to playtest and waiting to hear the results as if I sent away a home pregnancy test.

I feel like I’m about to go on tour, but instead of warming up new material in small clubs we’re just going straight to Carnegie Hall for three straight nights. Major performance anxiety going on here. Which, ironically enough, feels good. But I also know it’s mixed in with good ole fashioned social anxiety - going outside and mingling with people. Or highly advanced robots, once again unverified.

So I guess I’m just looking for some words of encouragement football coach style. Or confirmation this is normal, you got this, rah rah rah, cue the marching band. Or a slap to the face or a paper bag or something.


It’ll be fine. Remember that they are all just as excited to be back with you F2F as you are.

Consider opening in media-res :crossed_swords: to break the ice/shake off the cobwebs. :spider_web:

You’ve got this. :+1:

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Online or in person, I always get nervous whether I am running or playing in a new game. Try to be kind to yourself, have plenty of notes to fall back on when you have brain farts, and have fun!

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How did it go? I always feel anxious and certain or was a total dud even after continuous remonstration otherwise. Have fun. Take deep breaths. Trust the process.

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It’s on Friday night.

I had a bit of nostalgia when my printer ran out of toner as I start printing out character sheets. Ah, traditions.

Hope it went well…

It was awesome! While we used to spend the first 30-45 minutes of our sessions to chat and catch up, we dove straight into session zero and character creation. Then dove right into some action. The itch has finally been scratched.

The next day, I was so cognitively exhausted from stretching cranial muscles that haven’t been exercised in two years that I crashed for damn near the entire day.

Still, worth it!