Rule mechanics that encourage role playing

What are the best rule mechanics to encourage role playing?

As I posted on another thread I’ve wanted to play the Genesys system to see how their narrative dice system works?

Champions had ideas like disadvantages.
Fate has Aspects
Then there are all the bennies/inspiration/Fate points sort of encouragements.

Certain settings do this with tailored rules. The Bond game had the seduction skill broken up by steps like the Look, Opening Line, etc.

That’s about all I can come up with, but there must be more right?

I must say, I absolutely adore the idea of mechanizing Bond’s game of seduction. That is too good.

Perhaps more ‘narrative’ than roleplay but I love the DCC ‘Mighty Deed’ mechanics - it adds an mechanical impact to an attack role but also encourages players to think about a fighting style for their characters.


A Warrior (or Dwarf) rolls a ‘deed’ die as a bonus to their attack roll. A lower levels it’s a D3 (increasing with level) The deed die result is added to the both the attack (to hit) and damage results. The player can optionally declare a ‘mighty deed of arms’ which succeeds if the deed die is 3 or higher. Typically deeds don’t add to damage but might, for example knock an enemy away from an ally, disarm them or blind them causing their next attack to be impeeded.