RPG Books - Physical Books You Admire Because They're So Damn Gorgeous

PDF’s/digital/apps/software/journals/memory are good for many RPG’s, but there are some rpg tomes that are truly gorgeous - ribbons, metallic inlays, unique paper texture, art, layout.

What are some of those RPG books that you would tell friends they need to own because of their sheet beauty or unique physical format?

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I don’t think this was Sean’s question. Was just asking for those premium book experiences, those can’t-miss physical artifacts.

Said this on Discord, but Vaesen! Alien! Tales from the Loop! Mork Borg. Much Free League stuff. Love Evil Hat’s books too, they are a joy to hold and read.

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I’m realizing, more lately, that I am having a hard time articulating myself online in text.


Magpie Games does some nice production work. Bluebeard’s Bride in particular is a really excellent print copy on so many levels that it’s incredibly thematic.

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