On Discord, @sean brought up the idea of BSers running games for other BSers with an emphasis on trying different games. Perhaps even leaving it to players to round up a group, since the GM already invests time in game prep.

I think that’s a great idea, and something this community, with our wide range of RPG interests, is well positioned to do.

I took a stab at a Google Sheet to help organize this effort. There are two tabs in the sheet:

Offering to run:
This is where GMs list games they can run, along with any relevant information. Note that this isn’t about scheduling a specific time (we already have this forum and the Discord event channel for that), but simply listing games and collecting interest from players. If enough players are interested, they can take the initiative to coordinate a session with the GM. I expect most of these to be one-shots, but if your game will require multiple sessions, make sure to indicate this in the “# sessions” column. Also, if you’re not quite ready to run the game yet, indicate the tentative timing in the “Ready when” column.

Looking to play:
If you’re interested in experiencing a particular game as a player but nobody has offered to run that game yet, use this sheet to indicate your interest by either entering your name in one of the “Player” columns in an existing row, or adding a new row if that game isn’t listed yet.

We’ll see if this turns out to be useful and tweak this sheet as needed.

Thanks to everyone that already added games or expressed interest. Keep it coming! :game_die:

Roundtable sheet


Thanks for posting here! The player-facing side of this sheet makes so much more sense to me now.


Thank you, @sean and @digitalhobbit, for making this happen – bit of structure here goes a long way.

I do have a question. When you’ve got a lot of different stuff you want to run, thoughts on what the best way to gauge interest from the community is? I posted eight games initially, then trimmed it to seven… plan on removing stragglers that don’t get interest. But I’m sensitive to ‘bombing’ the sheet with ideas / games. (I’ve got about 20 more.)

Would a better approach perhaps be to gauge interest on the forum first, or do we kind of want to use the sheet as a database that tracks alllll the games?

I’m interested to hear what @digitalhobbit says.

Trying to see how this best works. It’s easy to do what you did with changing the game type on each row, otherwise it’s a copy/paste for each one.

Another option is to use long format post - ie forum to list the games, but then one does not see all the cool games you’re offering in the sheet. So the sheet say Harrigan, some times, etc, but not what games which is probably the big lure.

You could post 4 games you’re willing to run in March and 4 games you’re willing to run in April. But that’s entirely up to you on how you want to manage that. It gives you some control over the gamers that start pulling you in different directions (optimistically speaking :wink: )

In the end, there may not be a bad way.

The sheet and idea was to have players do most of the rallying. It’s certainly ok for a GM to look through lists and hit people up. Not sure players are using the ‘i want to play these games’ sheet. For FL game, I simply combed the Discord and Forums for the ‘list your top 5 games you want to play’ post and hit people up that way. Of course my FL game is not a one shot and I was lucky that every person I hit up initially was onboard with not only the game, but the schedule.

I was looking a the sheet not so much as an ephemeral list of games that folks want to run in the short term, but rather as a longer-lived database of games that people could run if there was enough interest.

So given that, I don’t see any issues with someone like @Harrigan adding a bunch of rows to the sheet. Even if those games don’t garner any interest immediately, new community members might discover these games and express interest, or existing community members might become interested in those games later.

I know my own interests tend to swing pretty widely between different types of games. While I may not be into Delta Green at all right now, something might spark my interest later this year, at which point the sheet would show me that either Harrigan or Vece might be willing to run that game, so I can hit them up and try to rally some other players then.

I’m also likely to list a few more games of my own that I absolutely could not run right now, but would be happy to prep and run if there’s enough interest (which would likely mean at least a month of lead time). For example, I’m tempted to add Shadow of the Demon Lord, but it’s been several years since I played it, and my memory is like a sieve, so I’d have to brush up on the rules. I also have a bunch of Fate games I’ve been interested in running eventually, but haven’t gotten round to reading yet. With sufficient interest, I’d be happy to prioritize those in my (ever growing) reading backlog.

As for whether to use the sheet and/or the forum:

I think using the forum makes a lot of sense when you have more details to add that might either spark interest, or simply give people a better sense what this game is all about. So personally, I would likely add forum posts for fairly concrete things I’m planning to run (e.g. DCC, in which case I’d describe both the funnel and level 1+ experience, so folks can figure out which one they’re interested in). But I’m less sure what I’d put in the forum for less concrete games, so I might punt on this. E.g. I know I want to run some Deadlands eventually (reading the rules right now), but haven’t decided on any specifics yet. I’ll likely post on the forum once I have a clearer idea of the session. And with some of the Fate games I mentioned, I might not post at all until folks inquire about those.

Sorry for the long rambling response. :wink:
Ultimately, I’m happy to go with whatever you all feel makes most sense, and then keep tuning the process as we go along based on what works and what doesn’t.


Oh, and regarding the “Looking to play” sheet:
Some people have definitely added things. My sense is that this will naturally take longer to gain critical mass than the other sheet. But at least 8 people so far have either added a game to that sheet or added their name to one of the existing rows, and there are already some games that quite a lot of folks are interested in (e.g. Vaesen or Cyberpunk Red), which might be good info for GMs that were on the fence about offering to run these games.

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Well, don’t be afraid to tell people like me to dial it back or adjust or whatever. My list of things I want to run vs. the time I have is… well, it’s pretty one-sided. (I also added a bunch of games on the other tab, putting chum in the water so to speak…)

I’m looking at potentially running one BS game a month at least while Sean and co. hog up two Thursday nights a month with Forbidden Lands. So I returned to the sheet, saw that there’s actually quite a bit of interest (three peeps in several games) and start blocking the time roughly in terms of months. We’ll see if that works.

Sean, I mentioned I’d look into what the Gauntlet does: they do indeed use Slack to marshal interest, and then (believe it or not) they use an RSVP service that they paid a developer to build. That produces a calendar. I do really like the idea of a calendar view that shows all the upcoming GBS games – and I bet someone smart like Mirko could bend a Google Calendar to our will…

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Wow, they paid a dev for an rsvp system. Good on them. I don’t have a problem setting up a public BS calendar. THere may also be an rsvp plugin.

I’m right there with you regarding the what “I want to run vs. the time I have” but I want to give this a try and see what happens.

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Not sure about the feature set, but it looks like there’s a Calendar plugin for Discourse that could be worth checking out:

A shared Google Calendar could work well for the purpose of publishing games being run, but RSVPs would be tricky, especially if folks don’t have a Google account. The only solution I can think of would be to create a Gaming & BS Roundtable Google Group that everyone can join, and then invite that group to all events. But given we already have the Discord and the Forum, I’m a bit hesitant to add yet another place for BSers to sign up for.

If we get big and serious in our gaming growth, we might look here for inspiration and aid: They’ve had, effectively, a continuous ongoing online gaming con for years.

I have spoken to @Harrigan about The Gauntlet. Apparently they use a custom RSVP system. I am sure it didn’t happen over night.

That is for sure. They have run the gauntlet, so to speak. We are still gaming with, um, BS. (and I wouldn’t have it any other way!)

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How will we know when our game has filled? Is it up to the players to reach out to the DM?

@joshua220, that’s really up to you. We’re trying to put the onus on the players as much as possible, so on top of preparing and running the game, you shouldn’t necessarily have to be responsible for the scheduling as well. Ideally once enough players have expressed interest on the sheet, they would rally together and reach out to the GM to set something up.

Having said that, there’s nothing stopping you from periodically looking at your games on the sheet and proactively organizing a session once you have enough players. That’s what a bunch of the other GMs have been doing.

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Not sure players are rounding up their own players, which would be a good way to say “hey, GM, we have enough.” So when that doesn’t happen and players just put their name down, then someone should get things moving forward.

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Since I’ll be hopefully playing in @digitalhobbit’s DCC game in May, I’ll be taking a break from GMing a BSer game that month, likely resuming in June with Delta Green or The Black Hack. Or something else entirely.

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