Rounding up the gongfarmers (DCC level 1+)

Tuesdays, unfortunately, are one of my regular game nights (but we had to cancel last Tuesday to poor attendance, so who knows?).

Basically, I’m unavailable Tuesday and Sunday nights.

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OK, let’s try something different. :slight_smile:

I created a poll on Doodle, which covers a bunch of potential time slots for the 4 week period from May 17 to June 13.

Please fill this out when you have a chance. I’ll pick the date/time that works for the majority of you, and will try to fill in the ranks with additional BS-ers if we’re short.

In the Doodle, I’m proposing 7pm MDT (for weeknights and weekend nights) and 10am (for weekend mornings) as start times, but I can potentially shift these by +/- 1 hour, so add a comment if a different time works for you.


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Replied to the poll.

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Thanks for filling out the poll, @Akodoken and @Gabe !

@Harrigan @Luckstrider @billarnold (and @Grotonomus in case the first half of June looks better for you), please fill out the poll when you have a chance, so I can identify the date/time that works for most of you.

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Done and Done!

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If you seek another, I’d play! But I don’t want to intrude.

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@Georgesedg We definitely have room, so feel free to fill out the Doodle poll. It looks like I won’t be able to find a time that works for everyone, so I’ll likely run another session some time in the future, if this one doesn’t work out.

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Hey @digitalhobbit
Doing some housecleaning on Roundtable spreadsheet. Do you have a date for this one yet?

@sean Will pick a date later today, based on the Doodle poll.

But I’ll likely run another DCC level 1+ game (in addition to the level 0 funnel that’s also on the sheet) in the coming months, to scoop up the players that couldn’t make it this time.


The more, the merrior. :slight_smile:

Thanks for filling out the Doodle, everyone. It looks like we have a winner: Sat Jun 12, 10am-2pm MDT

This is the single day with the most (5) votes (@Grotonomus, @Georgesedg, @Luckstrider, @Akodoken, @Gabe).

Please mark 6/12 on your calendars. I’ll share more info about logistics (Foundry URL, pre-gens, etc.) as we get closer.

(In the very unlikely case that this day won’t work on my end after all, the fallback would be Wed Jun 9, 7pm-11pm MDT.)


Have fun all! I’ll stand by as a backup if you’ll have me, @digitalhobbit, in case someone drops and that time frees up for me.

@Harrigan Sounds like a plan! In fact, up to 6 players would be fine (we’re at 5 so far), so if either you or @billarnold end up being free after all, you’re welcome to join.

Just a reminder that this session is coming up in about a week, next Saturday (Jun 12) at 10am MDT.

@Grotonomus @Georgesedg @Luckstrider @Akodoken @Gabe: You’re all registered, but please let me know in case you can’t make it, so I can offer up the spot to other BS-ers.

@Harrigan @billarnold: In case your schedule opened up, you’re still welcome to join - just let me know.

I’ll share the Foundry URL in this thread some time before then. We’ll use one of the Gaming-and-BS Discord game room channels for voice+video (video optional, whatever you prefer).

Pre-gens are ready for you, spanning all the DCC classes.
Alternatively, in case you prefer to bring an existing level 1 character or create a new one, that’s fine as well. Just use the approach I mentioned in my earlier comment, and please send the character to me ahead of time, so I can enter it into Foundry.

Looking forward to the session!

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I can’t make this one, unfortunately. We had to bounce around our schedules and my daughter’s open house for high school grad is that day now.

Wishing the group all the luck and have fun. :slight_smile:

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@Akodoken No worries, and thanks for the update! Have fun at your daughter’s high school graduation. Mine just celebrated hers this week as well. :slight_smile:

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Congrats to the little hobbit. Man, they grow up fast. :slight_smile:

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I’m good to go, barring major surprises! If you need another, I have a good fellow player/gm who could join.

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I am still in.

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Thanks for confirming, @Georgesedg and @Grotonomus .

@Georgesedg : We could use another player, but since I’m running this as a G&BS game, I’d like to offer the spot to existing BS-ers first. Let me ping the Discord, and if nobody else expresses interest in the next few days, I’m more than happy to have your friend join us.

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