Rounding up the gongfarmers (DCC level 1+)

Hey @Luckstrider, @billarnold, @Akodoken, @Harrigan, @Gabe,

You all expressed interest in a DCC level 1+ game on the sheet. I’m thinking of running a one-shot some time in May, if that works for you all.

I’m aiming for a single 4-hour session and will provide pre-gens (though you’re welcome to bring your own level 1 character if you prefer). Tools are still somewhat TBD and will depend on the adventure. Most likely Discord + Foundry, but potentially just Discord + PDF/Google Sheets.

1) Timing

Let’s aim for the second half of May.

Weekends are flexible. Any time between 9am and midnight MDT can work.

Weeknights starting at 7pm or 8pm MDT work as well (except for every other Wed). 6pm MDT might work on some days. On Fridays, I could start as late as 9pm MDT.

Please let me know if either of those options would work for you. If not, feel free to suggest an alternative time and I’ll see if I can make it work.

2) Adventure

I’ll toss out a few options below, mostly to avoid any modules you’ve already played.

My go-to level 1 one-shot is Frozen in Time. It’s got a great mix of exploration and combat. If neither of you have played this yet, this would be my recommendation.

Other options:

Let me know if you’ve played any of these already, or if you have a strong preference otherwise.




Late May sounds great. I’ve only played a DCC funnel so this will be my first level 1 experience. If you recommend Frozen in Time, that sounds great to me.

I run games every Thursday evening and I am unavailable on the evening of the 17th, 27th, and 28th (flying for work the first two, daughter’s graduation for the latter). Available for every other evening or weekend day. The times you proposed are good for me.

Like Akodoken, have only played (and run, via PbP) funnels previously. So open to any of those modules, haven’t played and don’t know any of them.

Is Saturday morning the 15th too soon? Will Monday nights work?

I’ve run Well of Worms but that was about 5+ years ago and I couldn’t tell you what happens.
My May schedule is a mess. I can’t do Sunday Nights and Monday nights are a potential but I wouldn’t be able to start until 8:30pm MDT (if I’m not confusing time zones…that would be 9:30 Central?). I can’t do Saturday mornings until the 29th of May (and not the 5th of June, last soccer weekend).

Uh…yeah, a mess.

I think I can accommodate whatever is best for your schedule, as described here.

Want us to make characters? Wait until game time? Plan to use pregens?

I think it’s up to you! Though it looks like you’d make your own character before start time.


Man, botched my Perception check. I overlooked that whole paragraph. :smiley:


Re: Timing:

Looks like the following times would tentatively work:

  • Sat 5/29 morning (Though this is Memorial Day weekend; I may end up going camping, not sur yet.)
  • Monday 5/24 or 5/31 at 8:30pm MDT (though that might be too late for some of you?)

@Harrigan: Are there any other weeknights that work for you, besides Mon or Thu?
@Harrigan @Akodoken @Gabe: Would 8:30pm MDT on Mondays be too late?

Re: Characters:

Yes, I’ll provide pre-gens. At least one of each class.

But if you want to bring your own character, you can either bring a character you’ve played at a funnel and leveled up to 1, or create your own character per the following steps:

  • Create 2 level 0 characters per the regular rules (see the free DCC Quick Start Rules)
  • Pick which of the 2 you want to use, and level it up to 1 as per the regular rules, choosing a class, etc.

This roughly simulates ending up with a few surviving characters in a funnel, then picking one to level up. Don’t worry if the stats aren’t great. They don’t end up having as much impact on the rolls as you might think.

If you decide to go this route, feel free to ping me on Discord if you have any questions about character creation.

Re: Adventure:

Great, let’s go with Frozen in Time.

I’ve run this using Discord a couple times, using a dice bot and screen-sharing Google Slides for maps etc. But I may take this opportunity to try out the new official DCC support for Foundry. Will keep you updated.


That time works for me.

8:30 MDT (9:30 for me, Central) certainly is quite late. But I’m happy to sit out if it works for someone else!

Late starts work for me, but I’m a night owl. Totally understand if they don’t work for everyone. Other weeknights can work, but require checking and negotiation on my part for each date. You might struggle here to get something that works for everyone, @digitalhobbit, but I think there were a whack of people signed up. Not the end of the world if you can scoop everyone in one go.

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That’s my impression, too! @digitalhobbit , I think you had like 7 signed up? And I saw another want in once you posted this. In my opinion, you should announce the time that works best for you and see who can join you.

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Agreed, that would probably be the best approach.

Actually, only the 5 of you signed up on the sheet - and @billarnold seems to be MIA, so it may just be 4. I can find a way to run with 3 (and can try to rally more BS-ers to fill out the ranks), but 4-5 would be better.

I won’t give up just yet on finding a time that works for all of us. Will message some of you to coordinate. I’m ok deferring to early June as well, if that opens up more slots. Will follow up shortly.

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Sorry, I’ve been overwhelmed with work and kept putting off responding! I’m still interested!

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I hope you guys have fun!

I think I will be ready to run and play some games this coming June. Be ready slayers!

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Alright, I think we might have a promising date/time:

Who’s able to make it on Tue May 18 at 7pm MDT?

@billarnold Great to hear you’re still interested! And no worries, personal life and work definitely comes first. :slight_smile:

@Grotonomus If you can make it, you’re welcome to join. But I’m almost certainly going to run more DCC games for BS-ers in the future, so you’ll have more opportunities to play if this month doesn’t work for you.


Thanks for the invite, but I will politely decline for now. I’m in the midst of Grad School finals these coming weeks. I shall return though!

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No worries - good luck with your finals!