Roll for Shoes: Goblin Squad

The Goblin King has ordered you to take a cart to the Ancient Dwarf Ruins, and bring back as much Heavy Metal Rock as it can carry. Better get to it before he gets angry!

Goblin Squad is based on the Roll for Shoes “micro RPG” rules. At the start of the game, we know that each of the PCs is a goblin. Everything else about them is determined during the course of the game.

Concept: A team of goblins are sent out to plunder a dwarven ruin.
Aim: Have fun while coming up with creative solutions to problems faced by fantasy RPGs’ canonical cannon fodder.
Tone: Humorous with a touch of satire.
Subject Matter: The world is a grim place for goblins. Violence is likely. Gross humor is possible, but I try to keep things PG-13.

This game is listed in the Gaming & BS Roundtable spreadsheet.

I’m looking for 2 to 4 players for a single session of 2-3 hours. I’m generally available during weekends, Monday evenings, and Thursday evenings. I’m in the US Central time zone.

We’ll use Discord for voice and (optional) video. We won’t need a VTT, but may use a shared Google Doc for character sheets and notes.

The entirety of the rules are attached below. After the session, I’ll be happy to share the rest of the scenario with anyone who is interested, including the Affinity Publisher source file for making derived works.


Hey, I’d love to get in on this. The only potential problem is my awkward timezone (CET). So I could only play on a Saturday or Sunday until, say 5pm US Central (midnight CET).

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Weekends are great for me. With you and @Harrigan, we’ve got two players which is great. There’s still room for a couple more if anyone else wants to play, but we can start figuring out a date in the meantime. My schedule is pretty clear through October.

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Love the concept and, if the schedule allows, I’m in.

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I’ll set up a Doodle poll this evening so we can find a time that works for everyone.

Alright @NubiS, @Harrigan, and @Luckstrider: here’s the Doodle poll. This is a single session game, so we just need one time slot that works for everyone. I stuck with weekend afternoons (US Central) for the options, since I know that’s what works for @NubiS and he signed up first. If that’s totally unworkable for anyone, please let me know and we can try to work out an alternative.

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Unfortunately those dates don’t work for me (kiddo soccer and family campout). My schedule is really tight though so PLEASE forge on ahead without me.

I’m sorry to hear that @Luckstrider. If it goes well this time, I might try running it again in the future. You’d be welcome then, if you’re still interested.

@NubiS and @Harrigan, we’re on for Sunday, 26 September 2021 at noon CDT / 11:00 am MDT / 7:00 pm CET. We’ll use a room on the G&BS Discord server, and I’ll share a link to a Google Doc that we can use for characters, notes, etc. If you’ve got any questions, comments, or concerns before we get to game day, just let me know.


I’m down. And if we’re short players, I might be able to bring a non-GBS recruit or two…

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Two players should be fine, but if you’ve got someone who’s especially interested, I don’t mind having another.

Thank you @NubiS, @Harrigan, and (by special guest appearance) @Farty for giving me an opportunity to run this scenario again. That was a lot of fun!

I’ve got some editing and layout to do for the PDF / Affinity Publisher version still, but for now, if anyone wants to try running this, the rules and scenario that we played are here (spoilers, obviously).


Kudos to you, @jim, for brewing up the rules, for running, and for putting up with our goblin antics. Much fun, and I think I’d love to run this for my own gang at some point!

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Thanks! If you do run it for your group, please let me know how it goes.

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Sure will!