Roll for Insanity

13 Agents. They said it couldn’t be done. I was told I was insane for trying. I suppose though that my inability to say no to anyone who was interested in anything non5e, coupled with the fact that I love a hopeless challenge, turned out to be a plus and surprisingly paid off. It required a ton of prep, dividing it up into short streamlined vignettes, and carefully juggling chainsaws and torches but I feel that I successfully executed (or perpetrated if you will :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) an interconnected introduction to Delta Green that pulled together this diverse group of potential agents and dropped them closer to edge of what man is not meant to know. Hopefully just one more large session to go. Once the recruitment offer is made I can then divide them up into small manageable group cells after which I can begin my own personal therapy :crazy_face:.

At its base foundation its a reworking of CoC Modern’s Ladybug, Ladybug, Fly Away Home. There are enough components in that scenario alone that would accommodate a larger group to begin with but with some tooling around I found it made a great recruitment scenario whose reach can go beyond the standard FBI/Law Enforcement approach as I needed something that could draw these people all together.

My Potential Agents:
EOD specialist: Air Force
District Court Judge
Medical Scientist: Government Contractor
Special Ops: Navy Seal
Paramedic Civilian
Professor of Anthropology
Intel Analyst: CIA
Intel Analyst Supervisor: CIA
Cult Historian (Academic)
Local Police Detective
Retired Marine
Tabloid Reporter (ex war correspondent)
Government Contracted Fixer

Potential Scenario Spoilers For those familiar with it I did not totally remove the potential it has at the end (plenty of single children, and eldest siblings involved) but it requires a tough balance as I really would prefer them not to die, as it’s meant to be a recruitment scenario, but still its Delta Green and that is essentially in their own hands. Some of course will be more closely tied to the finale but all of them are connected enough to it all in one shape or fashion that will allow them to draw the attention of the Program or the Outlaws as potential agents. I will just have to wait and see. :smiling_imp: