Revisiting my old 1st Edition AD&D game

Hearing Brett talk about running AD&D inspired me to do the same. I wanted to use my old books, my original world setting and I was curious how different it you would feel. Two of my players are the same people that I started gaming with and the rest from the days of 2nd or 3rd edition.

The bickering about the rules was just the same. I swear to God, the same arguments were picked up like they were then. However, once we got started it ran just as well as fifth edition and all had a great time. Even though I have been searching for the perfect system for about as long as I have played RPG’s, I was reminded that people make the games great and not the system itself. That is not to say all systems are created equal, because obviously they’re not.

It with many of the same pep


Glad I helped you revisit another way to have fun with RPGs :slight_smile:

My group has, thus far, found fewer things to bicker about rules wise than we did with other editions of the game. I have no idea why that is happening - but it’s kinda nice :slight_smile: