Review: Killing the Dragon Adventure for Shadow of the Demon Lord

I wasn’t planning on writing a review tonight, but when I read this, it was such a great, focused, two page adventure for a higher level one-shot, I had to try to explain why it felt like such a great product to me.

Also, it’s under a dollar.

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I really dig the SotDL micro-adventures. They give you just enough to get going, sometimes they list a new creature or two, and frequently there are some spiffy new mechanics that are either very reusable, or extensible. The pages are dense with good ideas.

Do you have Dead by Dawn? It’s great stuff – I’m just finishing it as a play by post scenario right now, and my players have loved it. I’m considering it for con play… would be prefect for that. And now I need to go get Killing the Dragon!

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