Reskining monsters

My gaming group always makes jokes about the treasure chest being a mimic. So I gave them a Mimic in a dining room. Near four chair mimics and a large table mimic. They fought it and moved on through the house. Later they found a kitchen on the third floor with a stove mimic and a pie safe mimic. They fought it and moved into the attic. When the eyes appeared in the roof staring down at them they realised the house was a mimic. But it was far to late, they had been swallowed. Next game they will try to escape.
Thanks for the great ideas. Keep up the great work


Wait till they get to the backyard, where they face the legendary:


Or even worse, after all these mimics have torn them a new one… take them to a basement storing all kinds of furnishings and tell them there’s supposed to be a mimic in there.

There isn’t, but it’ll be hilarious to watch them hack’n’slash their way through the room.