Recording Work Flow

for @LordBob

I hit ‘record’ on three different platforms.

I have Brett connect to That records myself and Brett locally and uploads the file and produces an MP3. I download both tracks, but only use Brett’s because…

I use Audio Hijack to record me, Brett and the effects on my end. So the effects and myself are local, but Brett’s audio is captured from coming over the Internet. I use my and the effects track.

Obviously we record the video locally and stream to Twitch and have Twitch set to automatically save the stream as a recording.

Zoom is used for Brett’s video only. I use a webcam on my end. We don’t use any of the audio from Zoom, this is one reason why Brett’s voice and video on Twitch does not look sync’d. A shortcoming, but one I can live with for now.

I take the local video and crop off the beginning ‘start’, render and upload the video to Youtube.

I run my and Brett’s audio through RX7. Save them out to wav and then drop them in Reaper along with effects and my track from My file from is only to sync Brett, mine, and the effects track.

If I decide to edit, it’s usually for annoying noises in the track. I do it at 1.5 speed. It’s starting to wear on me so I’m considering skipping it.

I record patrons if there’s been any changes since last recording.

Export and mix that down out of Reaper and drop that back into RX7. I have a mastering preset chain I use. Then export that into mp3 file.

I take mp3 and drop it into Podcast Chapters where I put in the chapters and coinciding artwork. Extract that again and upload it to our audio host.

Then I do blog post/show notes, add link to audio file, date it in the future, copy/paste post and paste it into Patreon. In Patreon I add the mp3 and release it to patrons.

A day or hours later the public gets our show.



Thanks, Sean. I was really curious how you always get Brett’s audio so nice. The local recording is the only real solution I’d thought of, but we’ve had issues with Zencastr, and I didn’t know how you were pulling that off. Your process is more complex than mine, but of course we aren’t streaming either. I will look into

Thank !!!

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That’s IT?
Man, I wish my Patreon dollars were going to good use… :wink:

(Seriously. I appreciate the work. There are casts people have recommended I can’t listen to because the audio is so bad. I’m no snob, but I can’t really listen to a recording done on a nokia in a soup can during rush hour.)


Sean is picky about the audio. A perfectionist. I am too - just not quite up to his level. I too appreciate the good audio.

We have used Zencastr. I vowed not to go back after giving it multiple chances to get their shit together after trying to fix massive drift issues. I would go to squadcast or The latter, Cast, only does mp3, but we’ve never had an issue with drift, ever. It’s been 130+ episodes on that platform and costs us $10/mo.

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Wow, quite a process. The results are certainly solid. Thanks for sharing!

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This is what I mean when I say, “Without @Sean there is no G&BS show.”


I forgot to add…

My Youtube workflow was a mess. I am now doing the following…

Video source is from when we stream, we record video to local drive. I take that video in mkv and remux it to mp4.

Open mp4 in Quicktime and extract just the audio.

It’s hard to edit the audio track that includes multiple people, but I drop it in Auphonic desktop to normalize, set loudness at -16 LUFS, and apply noise and hum reduction.

I drop original MP4 video, with audio, into iMovie (i know iMovie, but work with me here). I then detach the audio from the video and delete it. I then drop the remastered audio from Auphonic into iMovie. It’s not great audio, but it’s ‘better’.

I then cut off the long intro and get audio to sync as close as I can. Then I render it into mp4 and upload it to youtube, which can take a while since these files are quite a few gigs in size.

In Youtube I add it to a playlist, add album art, fill in the doobley doo, as Colville refers to it, and that’s it.

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Since we’ve established @Fafhrd is replaceable, once he’s rolling in that sweet sweet writing money, I’m willing to step up and cohost in his stead. I meet all the qualifications: I talk a lot, I drink… that’s it, right?

(much love)


checks list Yep… you’ve got the skills. :sunglasses:

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I hit the play button on Google podcast and crack open a beer (unless I’m driving… which is pretty much when I listen). The end result sounds pretty good, thanks!

and by the way, I did log back into patreon, and can now listen early… if I have the time.