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Random weather generation in RPGs is often not done very well. Often it can be too random, or have jarring changes.

So, I thought I might share my Weather Hex Flower:

Here’s a link to a PDF: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/367072.

A Hex Flower is a bit like a random table but with a ‘memory’, so you can set the HF up so the changes in weather are more gradual/consistent, but still allow for some more oddball results.

Anyway, please check it out … it’s PWYW so it need not cost you anything.



Damn! This is pretty awesome :slight_smile:

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I’ve been using the weather hex flower in my campaign. Thank you @GoblinsH .


Cool, glad to hear it!

Make sure I’m doing this “right”.
say I’m in the very bottom kinda cloudy with the x at the bottom. If I roll a 6,7, stay there. If I roll an 8,9… I go both left and down, so it wraps to…? the top right thunder storm by the event?

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@GoblinsH I had picked up the Forbidden Lands version of a weather hex flower from DTRPG a few months ago. The use of a hex flower is so simple and tight. The different seasons make sense and using the probability spread of 2d6 is a no brainer. This is the first time I have introduced weather and (can you believe it!!) WIND into a campaign and have not let it trail off as being not important and hand waving it.

I have taken a look at your other hex flowers and it definitely gets the wheels spinning. Great job on those! I also wandered over to your wordpress website. I’m excited to start delving into the material there. I’m a big fan of using spreadsheets.

Feelin Good about Flowers


Hi @LaramieWall - Thanks for the comment. If you are in the bottom-most hex and roll 6 or 7 (you are correct, you stay in the current hex), but if you roll 8 or 9 you go off the hex flower and wrap around to the opposite edge of the HF, following the same “row” (or column), and so appear at the bottom of column 5 (white cloud with three rain drops). The PDF gives some examples.

@FeelinGoodLouis - glad you like the HF’s. I must have missed the FL HF, will have to look it up!

Thank you for the help. Yeah, I bought the hex flower cookbook on DriveThru, but haven’t made time to read it (so much to read, so little time…)


Thanks for picking up the Hex Flower Cookbook. :+1:
The link at the top to the weather HF has short ‘walk through’ example.

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