Random Character Generators by System

1974 D&D: http://character.totalpartykill.ca/lbb/

1977 Holmes Basic: http://character.totalpartykill.ca/holmes/

D&D 5e: http://fastcharacter.com/

D&D Hirelings: http://www.barrowmaze.com/meatshields

Lamentations of the Flame Princess: http://character.totalpartykill.ca/lotfp/

Delving Deeper: http://character.totalpartykill.ca/dd/

Tunnels & Trolls: http://eposic.org/rpg/tnt/monsterframe.html

Maze Rats: http://character.totalpartykill.ca/mazerats/


There’s also http://character.totalpartykill.ca/basic/, which I think is B/X.

Edit: Oops, I missed that Meatshields was on your list already.

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Purple Sorcerer for DCC RPG (and related games)

Level Zero: https://purplesorcerer.com/create_party.php

Upper Level: https://purplesorcerer.com/create_upper.php


These are addictively fun! Thanks for posting them!

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Don’t forget this one, concept not stats :stuck_out_tongue:



Here is one I have that is for Gamma World and MCC. It is no where near done (Looking at the example below, I see that the leap distances are not being displayed), but it does generate usable NPC characters. As it is Gamma World, it can be used to generate DCC or D&D characters easily as well. I am using the Gamma World 3/4 Tech Levels. Mutations are Gamma World 1st Edition.

The best way to generate a character is to select Gamma World 4th Edition Rules (as they are the most complete Rules) and then select everything else and generate.

Here is an example:

System: Gamma World 4
Name: Ukzu of The Hard Hill Kin
My Personal Moral Code: Generosity: My talents were given to me so that I could use them to benefit the world
How I see myself: I fall in and out of love easily, and am always pursuing someone.
What Drives Me: I want to do what must be done.
How others see me: Ukzu is a extremely short Male Mutant Feline-Tiger with a anorexic build, brown eyes, and thinning auburn hair. His face has a broken nose and he speaks with a whispery voice. Everyone knows that he sucks teeth and that he is pensive.
Suggested Alignment: (Good)
Armor: Fur cloak
Weapon: Flint dagger
Inventory: Pan flute, Magic sticky rock (lodestone), Bone necklace, Ribbon / Vine “weather sock” (partially broken), manually operated room fan (deconstructed and broken), Leather Thong (repaired), Leather satchel with healing herbs (deconstructed and broken)
Ability Scores
Strength: 20
Dexterity: 17
Constitution: 18
Charisma: 8
Intelligence: 11
Mental Strength: 12
Hit Points: 61
AC: 10
AI Recognition: 0
Speed (Walk/Swim/Fly/Glide/Swing): 16 / 4 / 0 / 0 / 0
Leap (H/V): 0 / 0
Claw/Claw/Bite for 1d8/1d8/1d10
Baseline Mutations:
Heightened Smell Night Vision
Physical Mutations:
Light Generation, Heightened Constitution
Mental Mutations:
Mental Blast, Telekinesis

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Love the Purple Sorcerer stuff. When I ran DCC for two old friends I played with in the 90s, both went to town and created like a dozen PCs each. (They needed them. Nine deaths in the funnel!)


Here’s a couple:

A number of superhero/villain generators for Icons Assembled and Icons: Great Powers

and a dozen or so random generators for Coriolis: https://charlesmoore99.github.io/NoFrillsCoriolisSystemGenerator/

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Here’s a brand new random generator published today: Reedsy.com Plot Generator

This is geared towards authors, but it could be a helpful GM tool for generating ideas for NPCs and encounters. You simply select a genre including fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, etc., click generate, lock the elements you like, and continue to regenerate other elements until you are satisfied.