Question about Print On Demand

I have my coupon, but can’t help but wonder if there are any corrections or errata that might be coming. I don’t have an immediate need for the book and can read it in PDF. I’m hesitant to get the book now if there might be updates at some point.


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I know that when they released the first PDF, I scoured for issues. A number of things were corrected. I don’t think there will be much errata as it’s less statty and more setting.

Disclaimer: I have three copies - one softcover, and two hardcover (one graciously signed by Brett), and I couldn’t have invested/backed if I didn’t have faith in a quality product.

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You don’t want the error card? :wink:

I have the POD codes in my account, but not the PDF. Am I missing something?

Write Phil. He will take care of it.


You’re a gem! Thanks!

Tom - I’m not, right now, looking to do an errata at this point. @Joe and a few others caught some errors and fixed 'em before it went to print. That said, if there is a problem found I’d love to hear of it. Hope that helps.