Potential One-Shot, Mashing up Sci-fi and Horror

I may be running a game I wasn’t planning on running next weekend. My regulars mentioned that they would like to do something sci-fi because we have done so much fantasy lately. I’m leaning towards using Infinite Galaxies (a Powered by the Apocalypse space opera game) for the system, but now I’m thinking of running a kind of Dead Space/Event Horizon kind of sci-fi horror game.

Any thoughts on what tropes need to be present in a game like this?

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Even if you end up using a different system, it might be worth your time to check out Mothership. It’s made for one-shot sci-fi horror games. It has mechanics for several genre tropes: sanity, stress, and panic, and character classes that interact with them interesting ways.

  • If a Scientist fails a Sanity save, everyone around gains stress.
  • If there is an Android around, Fear saves are made with disadvantage.
  • If a Marine panics, everyone nearby must make a Fear save.
  • Once per session, Teamsters can reroll a Panic effect.
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Xenomorphs of some sort - gotta have them :slight_smile:

I like the “unfinished” or “can’t stop it” ending to these type of things. You do what you can to stop/save things but it’s unclear as to if you really win or not.


I’ll second Mothership. And if you’re looking for adventure ideas and not a system, just go with Dead Planet, the first adventure released for it. Xenomorphs aplenty, a Cannibal moon colony and much more…

I think the best horror sci-fi always has open endings.
Of course the space ship has to crash or be damaged.
Help has to be too far away to rely on and time must be an issue.
I like greed or sabotage from a mysterious person inside the group (maybe a pc, maybe not) being in there as well.

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