Please, scrape forum content to

Don’t let it happen again (as it did with the G+ forums…)

The content in these forums was the product of the Gaming and BS community.

It has not been archived since late 2021. @sean @Fafhrd - Please make sure it is archived before final shutdown. There is some really great stuff here that should not be lost in the great internet graveyard.

This is the only thing I ask as one of your longest patreon supporters and community contributors.


The Owner/Admin must to at least a little something to preserve this forum.

Some Discourse Forum Archive Options

  1. Put the forum in read-only mode - Easy and preserves features and inbound links.
    Admin > Backups > “Enable Read-Only”
  2. Convert the forum to plain old HTTP and host that.
    Using wget to a WARC archive, then py-wacz
  3. There are six ways to save pages to
    None of them are great options…

I’m looking for more, but those seem the most likely.

Honestly, Read-Only Mode seems like the Easiest and maintains all the value of the posts for future visitors. @Sean How does that sound to you?

He MUST huh? Wow…
Just… wow…

It’s in a conditional statement. My only point is that it won’t happen by itself.

Option one is a single click. That’s all.

If I recall correctly, saving off individual threads isn’t that hard, OldSchool. I’d recommend that course if there’s specific content you’re looking to save. Such is the way of the Internet — best to move forward in these cases, I think, and remember the good times had here.

Remembering the good times are exactly why I’m trying to preserve the entire history. Especially when it doesn’t have to be lost.

I am personally involved with more than a few preservation efforts, and have seen the difference preserving history can make on the present.

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I just spent two hours using the Wayback Machine to save about 50 discussions (and dereferenced links, such as photos.)

The criteria I used for choosing threads to save was that I participated in them. :slight_smile: Anyone else can do the same and those threads will be preserved forever. Good news is if you wanted to save a thread that I posted in, it’s done already.

If you do this, please make sure to click the “[] Save Outlinks” option for the most high-fidelity archive.

Here’s tonights archive -

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BTW, if you follow that archive link to a dead-end, there is a button to archive the [missing] page you arrived at. Please click it to archive the page (it will run in the background.) Thanks!

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