Play D&D with Joe Manganiello

I’m abysmal with popular culture and have no idea what parts this man has acted in, but I’m told he’s famous. I’m also to understand he’s a huge D&D nerd. Also, it’s a fund raiser for Make-A-Wish, so that’s awesome. So, if anyone wants to donate to a good cause (sure seem to be plenty of those at the moment) and maybe get a lucky trip for your troubles, here you go.


Having been in True Blood and Magic Mike, Joe Manganiello is famous both for the parts he has played and for his parts. I don’t miss a lot about Justice League, but I would have liked to have seen him get a chance to play Deathstroke in some DC movie.

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That’s fair, I can see him being a good cast for ol’ Slade.

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Changed my mind.
Not a good cast.


I have played D&D (Swords & Wizardry) with Joe Manganiello before, but not for a good cause. We just happened to be signed up for the same con game. Anyway, shared this with some folks who might be interested. Thanks, Laramie.

AND then I just find out it was on Die Roll last week :slight_smile: