Penanggalan Turf War

I’ve mentioned this creature on the podcast with @Sean, but I figured I’d share this image from the original 1st ed AD&D Fiend Folio to better explain what I’m talking about.ff_penanggalan


What I’ve done is created twin sisters that have both become Penanggalan vampires and are now, working to control the neighborhood. One sister, Bathsheba, sees it as a “traditional” vampire watching over her feeding ground, and the other sister, Cassilda, is trying to control all the guilds and then make an organized crime type of play and expand her power beyond the current neighborhood (dreams of power and all that).

The PCs have their own plans/issues/things they’re dealing with, but are now finding out that these two vampires are now impacting more than was originally thought.

A. I think I need to dust off my Fiend Folio.
2. I think these were in Hellboy, possibly one of the cartoon movies.

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Yep, Hellboy fought one. It’s in the Troll Witch and Others graphic novel collection that I have.

More info on that Hellboy story here:


I really should cruise those for more monsters. Mignola did a sweet job finding local legends.