Pathfinder 2e

I’ve got the Pathfinder 2e Core book and Bestiary.

I’ve paged through them both, but never played 'em. Hell, I’ve never even read 'em.

$50 + shipping and someone can have them.

I’d prefer to ship domestic.

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I’m actually sort of interested but I have no idea why.


Let me know if you want to pull the trigger.

I’m the same way. But I don’t want to buy anything unless I can commit to giving it some use—and I’m far away from that.

I sometimes feel a twinge of nostalgia for Pf1e. I got a lot of use out of that system. 3e-Pf1 is my next OSR. :wink:


(yep, pretty soon they’ll be playing pf1 on the oldies radio station…)