Other Game Systems for The Streets of Avalon (Brainstorming)

I’m not the expert on what is or isn’t “Avalon,” but I have looked at a lot of RPG systems in the last few years, so I thought I would, for fun, brainstorm what games might be good for a Streets of Avalon game, and what systems would require more of a hack than others.

Forged in the Dark

  • May want to reflavor playbooks and crew types
  • Redefine factions in the city
  • Definitely more focused on “crime” aspect of the setting

Archmage Engine

  • Core 13th Age feels too heroic, but the King of Dungeons implementation would work well
  • Focus on adventuring companies, forming guilds, and doing jobs for benefactors while competing with other adventurers
  • Focused more on the monster hunting/dungeon-delving aspect of the setting

Fantasy AGE

  • Core concept for classes with fighter, rogue, and adept works really well for Avalon
  • May be less of a perfect fit above 10th level, but the same is true of D&D
  • Core Fantasy AGE already has firearms

Dungeon Crawl Classics

  • I don’t know how well untrained non-adventurers work for a funnel in Avalon
  • If the rules introduced in Lankhmar with three classes and starting at 1st level are available, not a bad fit
  • Would need to rebuild the different trait charts for regions and origins to fit Avalon


  • Fate is generally flexible, but the best implementation would be looking at the rules introduced in the Fate Freeport Companion

Savage Worlds

  • Savage Worlds is already a pulp heroic game, and previous editions had a Fantasy Companion that would have rules for tweaking the setting
  • Savage Worlds also has a Lankhmar supplement that would be useful to crib notes from

Cortex Prime

  • Cortex is pretty open ended as far as what it can portray, and the current core book is even more flexible as a toolbox
  • The previous Cortex Hackers Guide already has a fantasy implementation spelled out in it (it looks like this may no longer be available now that Fandom owns the property)

OSR/D&D Retroclones

  • In general, none of these are going to be a difficult fit for the setting, other than determining what ancestries/classes to allow/disallow based on what the retroclone provides

Dungeon World

  • Barbarian and Druid class may not be appropriate.
  • Cleric Deity would need GM guidance to make sure it fits.
  • Modify Undertake a Perilous Journey for intra city treks instead of cross country.

The Black Hack (2e)

  • You might want to give the Wizard a more Cultist/Priestly vibe, but most of the game is already Sword and Sorcery genre, so it should slot in fine.
  • Some of the random encounter creatures are High Powered/High Magic, so those tables will require some adjusting.
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Maid: The RPG

  • add French maid costumes
  • everything that has eyes has big eyes



:flushed::rofl: good lord!


nice list and good info.


DCC and SW have me nervous that they’d actually work to capture the setting. I say that as they feel too pulpy - though I’d have to see what they did with SW Noir maybe… And while I have DCC Lankhmar I find that it doesn’t fit my vision of that setting well either.


Even with the Lahnkmar rules, DCC magic and crits can be a bit over the top.

I figured if didn’t mention Savage Worlds, some else would. :wink:


I mean, really, Streets of Avalon is more setting than mechanics. I’m not sure why it would be an issue in any fantasy setting that needs a large city. Is there a reason some mechanics wouldn’t work?

I changed systems in my current campaign from Genesys to D&D 5e, but I had no issues at all when we were using Genesys. (I don’t use Avalon by name, but it’s a stand-in for an existing city in my campaign.)


Vampire Dark Ages, except no one is a vampire.


I may be biased here seeing as I helped convince @Fafhrd and company to use the Pip System for the next Avalon “Edition”, but I started thinking of its key features and possibilities that can make it stand out. Honestly, what I enjoy about it is the near uncertainty of your success probability with each roll. Now, I truly don’t give two shits about actual probability at the table, but I’ve played with many players who do and determine their actions based on the chances of making a successful roll against the current target number. Because all dice rolls are opposed rolls with every success counting as 4s, 5s, and 6s on white d6s versus the same on any black dice rolled against you, I’ve seen character roll only 2 white dice against 5 black dice and still succeed. Each roll can be a surprise and I find that actually create a grittier experience than knowing you’ve got a 70% chance of rolling more than 15 on your attack.

But it’s also the opposed roll. I love opposed rolls since Iron Heroes. You get to actively defend yourself rather than use a pre-determined defence target. It allows players to have a reason to pay attention outside of their turn because they have a more active roll in thwarting their opponents actions. Once again, that can be quite gritty.

However, Pip as written is way too skill heavy for my tastes. It’s why I’ve added other sources for players to draw dice, including character motivations, fears, obstacles, and more. There’s a lot of room to make that system dance and I’m curious to see what our resident Necromancer comes up with.

(P.S. We all agree Brett’s a necromancer now, right? He’s got a fucking dead man’s bone in his neck! It don’t get more necromancer than that.)


I could totally do that!

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Setting often = tone and feel and things that “fit.” To preserve that certain systems may or may not fit the “Brett’s vision for the Setting.”

That said, my creation is out in the wild now so if someone says, “Man! DCC is TOTALLY my tone and feeling for Streets of Avalon!” I’m gonna fist bump/high five them and ask them to tell me about their campaign.


Finally. Written blessing to do Toon Avalon. Or maybe Paranoia Avalon. (Avalon =?= Alpha City…? Lamplighters as agents of Friend Deity/Computer? Pipefitters Union =?= Troubleshooters? It could work…)


When Eloy and I first me with @Fafhrd and Phil, I did scribble a note about street urchins of Avalon using Pip. Don’t think I mentioned it, but now that Toon Avalon has been planted in the ground… um, yes, please.


I… I kinda hate all of that… but I also kinda want to play in any of those… :rofl:

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@Fafhrd, I understand that the system might not fit the style of your system… but I really enjoy DCC. It’s my go to system whenever I have the choice. And it doesn’t have to be gonzo…

As an example, I played the Castle Caldwell (D&D B/X) with DCC 1st level and it worked out well. I didn’t even change the stats of the monsters. I’ll admit that I was playing with kids (9 and 11 y.o. and their first time) so I didn’t mind if it was a bit over powered but it worked out well.

Another good example is Empire of the East. The author, Jason Vey, really did a good job getting the atmosphere of the setting. It’s a good mix of some gonzo (ex: tank) vs. a gritty/harsh world.

And, to my knowledge, there’s no one more loyal than DCC fans. It might be worth it.



Friend Computer “A door slides open and a large boot hits you in the rear clone 2343, you are now falling”

Clone 2343* “HA, I use my quick reflexes to grab my sword and jam it into the wall to stop my decent before the spieks”

Friend Computer “Very Well”

Rolls Dice “HA, Natural 20”

Clone 2355* " Wait, Friend, or um, DM Computer?"

Friend Computer " Yes Clone 2355, AKA, Stoompul the Dwarf kicker?"

Friend Computer " You notice the creatures boots, though metallic in nature, are very thoroughly covered in red liquid."

Clone 2343 " Wait… did you say … red?"

Clone 2343 has explode

Friend Computer “Clone 2355, Stoompul the Dwarf Kicker, you have gained enough XP points to advance, how do you wish to use these points”

Clone 2355, “By advancing to RED LEVEL Stoompul the Dwarf Kicker, DM Computer!”

Clone 2344 appears

“I F@#$ing hate you.”


Exactly. It practically writes itself.

Forged in the Dark is a no-brainer.


Honestly, after listening to @sean talk about Forbidden Lands so much I think theirs something to be said about making a mash up of Forbidden lands and Avalon.

I know Hex-Crawling through a city doesnt sound normal, but Avalon, and this is coming from the individual who has the Lamp Lighters Original Map of the city, IS FUCKEN HUGE!

It might not be the typical “wilderness” but exploring Hex-to-Hex, or should we say in Avalon Terms, Neighborhood-to-Neighborhood could still be an impressive story with an urban twist.

You know, we didnt fight a wild boar here in this hex, but instead, in this hex, labeled “Bakers Street & Clam Ave.” We did encounter a Were-Rat and it’s great Nest of ratlings and underlings .

Took care of the issue, now the markets with in X hexes have a fresher supply of baked goods availalbe and if you just so happen to find yourself IN that neighborhood, you have a level of respect and always a bed & warm meal waiting.

… just saying @Fafhrd:stuck_out_tongue: