When: Thursday, July 30th at 8pm cdt. Log on to Zoom at 7:45pm so I can get everything into place before 8pm live stream.

Platforms: Zoom for audio and video, Roll20 for handouts and optional die rolling. I will message you here on the forums ahead of time. You will need a roll20 account.


  • I will have pregens to choose from - in pdf and roll20
  • You can make your own - use the 4d6 drop the lowest one method. I would like a copy, be it pdf or in Roll20. If you choose Roll20, let me know and I’ll create a spot you can enter the info. I just want to know a bit about your character.
  • For some guidance, this mission will not be heavy on the military side. Doesn’t mean you can’t make John Rambo type, but just wanted to let you know that carrying an M60 through the woods may not be the best approach with this particular problem.


I’ll start by making introductions and then we’ll get into “who’s familiar with the game, and layout what it’s about”.

We will talk about what kind of character you’re going to play. You don’t have to have your character created before session zero, but I do ask that you know the concept - e.g. gender, profession, nationality, employer.

We will wrap up things with a mission brief that will set in motion Operation IAGO.

That’s the plan.

Any questions?

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Sweet. All sounds good. I’ll indeed make a roll20 sheet for my own PC, so just let me know when the game is up and there’s a sheet I can use. I have a reasonably fleshed out idea already, but want to see what others are playing as well, obviously.

Initial thoughts are a soldier type – not John Rambo, but definitely a man of action. But a damaged man of action…

Concerning IAGO, there was a failed mission there, is that right?

@Harrigan you should have access to roll20 and have a pc sheet waiting for you.

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Replying for posterity so I get any notifications of changes. I also hope to read the PDF (which I apparently already owned) and make my own character.

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I see it! Much obliged…

Sorry guys I didn’t see al these posts.

I can do a pregen

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@Hobbs sounds good. THanks for letting me know.

I can’t get into the zoom… Been trying for ten minutes.

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Would you guys be opposed to using Discord for voice and video as opposed to Zoom?

Hell I’d prefer it.

Then at least they have to use twitch to spy on our session lol

Fine with me. That’s what I use.

Yep, I’m conversant in Discord.

Sounds good. THanks. I know Harrigan is over there. We’ll try ‘Craig’. Record each of you, maybe release the audio.

Yup, all good with using Discord, which I run a weekly game on. Full steam ahead!

We need to do any final prep, tying PCs together or anything?

I think we’re good. I’m not concerned with tying pc’s together. I think Carmen is connected with another pc, but I’m not expecting the ‘what’s my motivation’ question to come up. Pretty excited for you guys.

8 pm central, correct?

I could really appreciate logging on earlier but 8p is the start.