Open Gaming Table - Tuesdays at 6:30 PM MST/7:30 PM CST

Hello everyone,

There was a discussion about running an open table on the discord. I really like the idea. The game will run every Tuesday at 6:30 PM Mountain/7:30 PM Central. The table is open to anyone who wants to join (max 6 players).

The group may be different every week, or there may be a core group that plays just about every week. No commitment. Just let me know if you’re interested in showing up for the coming week. If it’s one person … well, I guess I run a personalized game. If more than six are interested, then I’ll have to go with first come, first serve.

The game will start with Old School Essentials. I’ll most likely start the group in the Keep on the Borderlands, but may be elsewhere - depends on where the players want to go.

How will it play? Well, if a core group shows up each week, they’ll get to run through a full campaign. If someone just drops in, they’ll get a game that may be mid-campaign. PCs will be relegated to the background when the players can’t make the game - no need to figure out some story to introduce the new guy. Feel free to play a new PC each week. XP will be doled out after each session - the PCs that play, get XP.

I’ll commit to 8 sessions to see how it goes. Let me know if you’re interested.

Nelson (Farty)


Awesome stuff, Nelson – good luck with this!

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I think I can make this day/time work, and keen to get open table/troupe play working so when I reboot my coriolis troupe play later this year it is a thing people are familiar with. Thanks for getting this going!

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This is great, and I hope I can participate at some point. And, like we talked about on Discord, there’s potential here to grow into “disorganized play” with multiple GMs running OSE adventures, and players with stables of PCs.

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It would be great if we could get more tables open. Scheduling its always a nightmare. It’s the death of any long term campaign. Maybe having an open table will help solve this. Jump in and play one night when you’re free. If there’s a lot of interest, we can get another table going. Six players can easily be split into two tables of three.

One thing I don’t know if I was clear on was the structure. My plan was not to run a West Marches game. There’s nothing wrong with West Marches, but I don’t like to have to start in the town or get back to the town each week.

My plan is to start where the group left off last session. It might be a bit confusing for the new player, but saves time and gets us all into the action as soon as possible. Other GMs might want to run their game different and that’s perfectly fine. I just thought I should clarify my approach.

I hope there’s interest. :crossed_fingers:

You could give it an in-world explanation: It just so happens that in areas of particular danger and opportunity, portals have been known to open randomly. Sometimes they whisk away adventurers, sometimes adventurers pop out of them. There doesn’t seem to be any means of control these comings and goings, and those subjected to the portal’s whims seem no worse for wear. It’s generally considered one of the risks of the job for those who would plunder monsters’ lairs and ancient ruins.

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I think my approach may change as the group plays through it. I have an idea in my mind what it will look like, but it might not translate to the table. I guess the players will let me know what works and what doesn’t. The portal sounds like a good idea to help the players feel comfortable with characters popping in and out.

I think a sandbox filled with side quests is probably the best set up for a game like this. Having a big arching story will be very confusing for those that pop in and out.

The neat thing is that humans will tend to make stories out of the events by default. And with people popping in and out you will have potentially very different stories that each player/character understand what is going on. Kind of like real life…

I am tempted to use only random generators (tailored to my variation of Coriolis) for each event/game when I run Coriolis and see what stories the group or groups piece together out of that. Not for everyone I suspect, but that is exactly my kind of fun.

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Normally Tuesdays don’t work for me. I have to pickup/dropoff my kids about 30 miles away after work. This coming Tuesday might work for me to join as player. Have you established char gen and signup yet?


Cool! I’ve really enjoyed having you in the Sunday morning game. This one should be a bit more grounded (let’s hope). The link for character sheets is:

Feel free to set up two PCs. I haven’t had a chance to dig into session 0 stuff. It’ll be the same process as Castle Amber. I’ll add those details to the Roll20 description tonight.