One Shot, Mothership, 6-19-2020

My Streets of Avalon game fell through for tonight, so, I wanted to see if anyone was interested in a one-shot of Mothership, 7pm Central time.

I’ll be running it through Zoom.

The setting will be an old freighter without it’s own FTL drive, using a jump gate to haul freight. What could go wrong?

Bummer on the SoA. Hope you can get some BS’ers for one shot. I, unfortunately cannot make it. Also posted this to patreon for you.

Sorry Jared, but I’m playing a Savage version of Wares Blade tonight.

Good luck! And remember, “military” training helps in any situation. HOO RAH!

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Well, so the downside is, I didn’t get anyone on short notice to take me up on this. On the up side, I spent this evening writing up my ideas for the one shot in a general outline, so I can run it sometime in the future.


Sorry man, glad you made good use of your unexpected free time.

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Well, we’ll all be available in a few weeks on alternate Thursdays!

I would love to play in some SoA on this alternate Thursday program! (Sorry I missed the opportunity for some Mothership last week; I’m not very good at this forum thing, apparently.)