One Shot Digital Adventure looking for BSers

I posted this in the wrong plaice within a thread, so I am trying my own thread. Sorry for the spam.

Just last year I ran my first Con game after going to Cons for a long time. It went very well, or I think it did. So, I thought I’d try something different and stretch a little outside how I do things.

I would like to run a one shot game using The Fantasy Trip and Fantasy Grounds with Skype. I’ll provide pre-made characters for up to 5 people. I expect the run to last from 2-4 hours.

My games are rules light and player focused. I like to set up problems and see how players deal with them. An important caveat, The Fantasy Trip can be a deadly system so there is a fair possibility of character death.

Like I said, above I have only run once for people I have not known for years, so who knows how it’s going to turn out? Come join the train wreck or hopefully play in a fun game.

Any takers?

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I’m interested, but have 0 experience with The Fantasy Trip or Fantasy Grounds. If you don’t mind having a total noob in your game, and schedule permitting, I’d like to play.

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When are you thinking?

I’m interested too! Depending on when you’re planning on running.

Some time in the next couple of days/week?. As to the when, I’m fairly open. I live in California so please factor that in on your end. Let me begin with suggesting 6-10 pm sometime during the work week. That said, I could also do a lunch to early evening game too, Heck, weekends are available also, as I said I’m open.

Jim this is about the easiest game around. A quick rule summary: 3 stats Strength, Dex and IQ rolled vs 3d6. Low is good, high is bad. A modified DX of 12 is good, due to trying to roll bellow it and 3d6 curve. Str controls the size of the weapon and is your hit points. Dx is the to hit stat and IQ controls the number of skills or how many spells of what power you have. Oh, armor takes points off any hit. And that is about it. Of course, as with any RPG there are the noodling bits. Even if that was not clear, about 5 minutes in and you’ll have it.

Let me see about taking this off forum, so as not to spam folks.


John, did you get this off the ground?

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How did it go? I’ve owned TFT but never played. Would be interested if you run again.

Curtis Takahashi

No, I could not rope in three people at the same time within my window of opportunity. Schedules are tough, even in the time of sheltering in place.

Yeah, especially if you have kids.

Well, here’s hoping for next time!


Scheduling is rough, keep at it!