Numenera Mustering, @digitalhobbit looks like you and Eric are interested in Numenera. Just wondering what your availability is like. I am pretty flexible on weekends and with enough warning can get a week night to work; however, I am in pacific time though so run behind a lot of the BSers.

I can throw up a poll if needed to lock down a time, then we can sort out characters and lock it.

Let me know what you think!

Yes, I’m definitely still interested. But now that Sean is rallying everyone to start scheduling their sessions, I suddenly have a lot of sessions to coordinate and might have to space these out a bit. :slight_smile:

In general, weeknights work well for me (except alternating Wednesdays). Weekends work as well (preferably mornings or evenings, not afternoons). But I’ll likely have some weekend trips coming up and don’t know quite yet which dates.

I’m just one timezone away, in Mountain Time.

Greetings! I am busy M and W evenings Eastern (after 8 PM). Like Eric, I’m in the midst of coordinating other games and summer plans, but there’s only three of us, so we should be able to get something going. Most
weekends are fine other than Sunday AMs. I would like to avoid going past midnight Eastern. Depending on session length and when you can start, that might mean weekday evenings are fine. I run an every other Sat night game.
How many sessions and of what sort of length are you thinking?

Great! I am okay with waiting for schedules to open a bit if folks are being pulled in other games. I have been a bit more focused on some war game miniature building and such lately than the rpgs. Perhaps later in June once some other games run? I don’t have any other games at the moment, so very flexible here.

I am thinking 3 hours for 1 or maybe 2 sessions. I have the book of instant Numenera adventures I was thinking of trying, or a random dungeon from the Jade Colossus, or a Clark Ashton-Smith inspired adventure. If there is a preference I can prep one of those or just go with what seems right.

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Sounds good. If it’s only one or two sessions, and especially if it’s during the summer, I’m happier to go late.

Just checking in here, as expected my end of June and through the next week hasn’t been conducive to gaming. However after that I think things settle down and open up.

It sounds like from other posts that some folks will be busy at the moment. Shall I check in again in August or do folks have a sense when they will be available?

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I do have a couple other sessions being scheduled over the next 2 weeks or so. August is definitely more wide open. But depending on the specific day, July could still be an option.

August for me looks good. M, W and alternate Sat evenings Eastern I have games, and also Sunday morning. Otherwise, I’m open in August. (So no change from before.)