Northwind Announced ASSH 3E

Apparently, Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea is going to have a 3rd Edition Kickstarter this coming June 2021.

Has anyone seen/noticed this floating around the last week?

This might bring me back to Kickstarter after a 2 year hiatus.

Some links for reference.

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Hmmm… Not sure what I’ll do on this one. I’m a fan of the system and setting - but not playing it enough (at all right now) make me want to jump on this. Definitely gonna have to think about it when it hit though.

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You and are are in the exact same boat, @Fafhrd. I am curious to see what it looks like though.

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You know it’s going to look gorgeous.

And everyone’s going to be so excited.

It’s going to be hard not to get swept up in the mania. I feel about this how I felt about TOR2e (and I ended up backing that).


This one is weird for me. I know a lot of folks (and in that, a lot of folks here) really dig on this system. But for me, it’s really hard to separate it from the single experience I had playing. Suffice it to say, it wasn’t a great experience. Also, I’m not always a SUPER huge fan of the setting and system being grown together, which is a stupid gripe since with most systems I play, I use the the native world (HM 4e’s Garweeze, HM 5’s Tellene, C&Cs Aihrde, etc.)

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I think you could play ASSH core rules…game play classes…etc in any fantasy setting. That being said I can’t see myself getting 3e unless it is a completely different system. The 2e books have awesome artwork but don’t use them enough as is to justify getting the next iteration of the system.

Curious to see what he does though.

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I love 2e AS&SH. I’m running a weekly game for two buddies of mine, both DM’s, and it’s awesome. I think the old rules set bothers them from time to time but I’m fine with it, I actually find that to be one of my favorite aspects of the game. And the setting sings to me.

Saying that, I don’t know that I’ll but the new book. For one, shipping to Canada is horrible. Two, I don’t know if I really need whole new classes, especially because so few of the classes from the current edition have been played. And I don’t need a rules update. This edition does what I want it to.

I’ll probably look at the pdf options, in particular the one that focuses on the Hyperborean setting, if that is available.

I’m totally in. I’m running a campaign of this. I have the original KS boxset, backed all the KS’s since then and am running my first game in person of 2021 tomorrow in Hyperboria. Jeff puts out great stuff and since this is all backwards compatible; I have to ask; what do you want? He could reprint as is, or he could add all the stuff fans want as improvements and make it all compatible going forward. He does great stuff and I will back it at the level not only to get the core stuff but also the module.

Use what you need, get what you want. Also, if you’re going to back a KS, he is someone who ALWAYS fulfills either on time or a month or so late, which is more than can be said for most KS RPG creators.

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This one interests me a lot. I have the 2E book in PDF but my brother has the hardback and it’s really well made. Big fan of OSR systems, including the original D&D/AD&D, Basic Fantasy RPG, Old School Essentials, Swords & Wizardry, etc. I do hope that this is a case of updating and reformatting more so than a whole new edition/game. I’d like to see it be 95% compatible.

I’m a big ASSH fanboy, but sometimes I run into the wall of a slightly antiquated system. Love the world.

Can’t see Jeff surviving without a new-ish edition every few years. Modules don’t keep the lights on. I like what I hear about the changes (from a post on his forums):

"Physical Changes

  • Two hardback set (same Smyth sewn binding, high quality paper)
  • Possibly a slipcase as an add-on. It’s being quoted for.
  • Map reworked by Glynn Seal and to be presented in atlas format and special poster version.
  • New layout, fonts, etc.
  • Indexes in both books.


  • Simplifying the branding and naming to HYPERBOREA, but “Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea” remains part of the scheme and is shown as a back cover subtitle.


  • The game has been revised by the author.
  • Editing by George Sedgwick.
  • New cover art painted by Charles Lang (both books).
  • Interior colour plates by Charles Lang, David Miller, Peter Mullen, and Val Semeiks (with Daisey Bingham)
  • 26 new character illustrations by Diogo Nogueira.
  • Chapter frame art by Del Teigeler.
  • Gynn Seal has recoloured the map.
  • More to be announced!


  • Cataphract new ability: shield sacrifice.
  • Huntsman new ability: harvest venom.
  • Paladin: Introduction of fell paladin, LE version of paladin. Also, cleric scroll reading ability at 7th level. High wisdom now grants bonus spells.
  • Ranger now has scroll reading ability at 7th level. High wisdom now grants bonus druid spells cast per day, high intelligence grants bonus magician spells cast per day.
  • Illusionist new ability: coloured globe.
  • Witch brew decoction ability simplified and expanded. Also, certain detection spells can be cast through familiar.
  • Monk has a decent overhaul to the entire class. It is the most changed class for 3E.
  • Shaman new ability: harvest venom. Also, spells per day slightly improved.
  • Assassin new ability: harvest venom.
  • Bard spells per day slightly improved.
  • Scout new abilities: disguise (like assassin) and run (like monk).
  • 12 new playable character races (Anglo-Saxon, Carolingian Frank, Esquimaux-Ixian, Greek, Lapp, Lemurian, Moor, Mu, Oon, Roman, Tlingit, Yakut).
  • Languages: More available languages available.
  • Several new spells.
  • Sorcerer types can learn a known spell from another caster type’s spell book, so long as it is on their list of learnable spells. For example, an illusionist can copy an invisibility spell from a magician’s spell book, but he can’t copy a magic missile spell, because that contains proprietary language. However, we separate thaumaturgical sorcery from ecclesiastical sorcery. So, a druid can copy a detect magic spell from a cleric’s prayer book, but he can’t do the same from a witch’s spell book.
  • Characters need not memorize the regular spell or its reversed form; rather, they can decide at the last moment to invert the incantation and thus cast its reversible form. We have so many examples of spells in which the caster is deciding which version of the spell is being cast, and I realize resource management is part of the allure of a game like this, but I don’t see why a cleric can’t elect to use cause moderate wounds on a whim instead of cure moderate wounds, and so forth.
  • Scroll-using characters can now invoke a scroll that is on their spell list, as long as it was not created by one who practices the opposite form of magic, which we are defining as thaumaturgic sorcery (magicians and subclasses) and ecclesiastic sorcery (clerics and druids), so a magician can indeed use a fireball scroll created by a pyromancer, and vice versa.
  • Streamlined combat system (no more phases).
  • New monsters.
  • New magic items.
  • And more!"

I’m in Canada too. Maybe when the KS drops a group buy could be in order.

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Yeah, we could look into it.

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Right now, I’m happy with the system and classes. I think I’ll be paying attention to how the setting is expanded on. That’s what I’m most interested in. If it looks like the new edition contains more info, I’ll probably jump on the PDF.

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100% true on the ASSH KSes! Jeff T manages his KSes in a way I wish more people would.


Damn! Now you’ve got me interested LOL


I missed the last one and didn’t get a hard copy before they sold out, so all I have is the pdf. One of my local game friends has it. I’ve been hoping for the next Gen to be released.

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