New Star Wars RPG Announced by Edge Studios

Edge Studio has announced it will be producing a new Star Wars RPG, “something different” from the game produced by Fantasy Flight Games (from whom they inherited the license). Edge will continue reprinting the RPG produced by FFG while developing this new RPG at the same time.

Basically, the announcement answers some questions. There is movement with the license. And then subsequently opens new questions. :slight_smile: Such is life!

Are they abandoning Genesys for Star Wars? Or doing a new era like they did with Edge, Age and Force and Destiny?

Now that I think about it, I bet it’ll be set in the High Republic, since that’s what all the new media is set in.

Unfortunately, the details are vague in that area. Gilles Garnier just says Edge will be doing “something different”. That could be a whole new system, a hybrid version of Genesys, or maybe something a bit easier for new people to grok (like Onyx Path is doing with Exalted Essence vs Exalted 3E).