New Blog Address

Because I don’t want to keep using a name that can easily be mistaken for cyberpunk Rent-A-Cops, I’m transitioning away from the KnightErrantJR branding and addresses for my gaming profiles.

All of my old blog posts are at the new address. If you visit the blog directly, please feel free to update the website. Thanks!

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Ever consider getting your own domain? Are you also doing exports of your posts?

I ask because I’m a big fan of owning your content and with Google’s awesome reputation for disbanding products, though I’m sure blogspot is safe, you never know if/when they’ll decide to just shut it down. It might help with SEO and discovery as well.

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You can use a domain name with blogger.

I’m really surprised it’s still around.

I was looking at moving the whole thing to Wordpress, but that’s kind of a daunting prospect. I did figure out how to redirect the old address to the new one. I do worry about how much longer Google will go without screwing it up completely, especially since the “new” Blogger interface sucks for formatting posts.

Playing around with this to see if I want to move to a new home, or if this was just a lot of work today to realize I’m staying put.

I consider limiting each article on your front page to show so many characters. On wordpress it’s the ‘more’ tag in your editor. Use the first 1-3 paragraphs to lure the reader into clicking on the title to read the article in its entirety.


It will break up the front of your blog from being one mass wall of text.
It will allow you to post more articles without having to scroll down as far.
I believe it also helps with SEO as having a visitor go deeper is a positive thing.

My unsolicited advice, free of charge, and completely optional. :slight_smile:


I’d also create some type of image for each article like a header for it, to help separate those articles. Plus, eye candy draws the eye. (Hence, the term “eye candy”).

@sean, enabled the previews so I’m not showing quite as much up front.

@joe, I’ve been slowly adding a featured image to each page as I roll through all of the imported pages. The most recent ones should all have them.

AND you have an email sign up. That. Is. A. Great. Touch. that so many bloggers miss. That’s your power right there. Nice job. I need to get ours right on our site.

Just need a media page, and maybe some ‘other places you can find me’, along with a Tour Dates page - listing cons you will be attending, or games you’re playing in and when…:cough: mothership :cough: thursday nights :cough:

Looks good.

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I amended the “About Me” page to “Who I Am, Where I Am,” and added links to various locations. I didn’t want to have too many pages attached to the blog at one time.

Thanks for the tips, Sean, I appreciate it.

@JaredR - It seems images are broken on the homepage, and I didn’t see any leading the article itself.

Weird, this is what I’m seeing.

I THINK this is fixed now. If anyone gets a chance to swing by, let me know.

It is fixed!

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Mr. Rascher, irrelevant commentary time.

I sincerely enjoyed the time I got to spend at a table with you at GameHole (remember in person gaming?!? Ahhh, good times), I enjoy your writings. I don’t play or have use for 5e, so I don’t read everything you write, and there are a number of times I flatly disagree with your options on things. Not that you’re wrong by any means, we just have different styles and philosophies. But at the WORST your stuff is brilliantly written, phenomenally considered, and well researched. While I don’t play 5e, your writing has things I can pluck and transplant to whatever system I’m indulging in.

Point is, thanks for taking a stand. You are doing extra work to do something to maybe help people you might never meet. And that’s heroism. We all play games here, but heroes do things that are the right thing, knowing no one will know. And now is the time we all need heroes.

Cheers to you, sir.


That means a lot to me. Thank you.