New Account Response Time

I don’t know if this is the case for others, but it took hours for my confirmation email to come through. It was long enough that I asked it to resend the email twice (and then I got a barrage later). :slight_smile: I mean, in the end it worked, but it’s not ideal. Any ideas why? Is it just me?


I can’t say it was just you, but mine was within minutes. Again, only speaking for myself.

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This was my experience

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Mine came in almost immediately.
Sorry to hear you had difficulty.

Don’t let that distract you from enjoying this community - it’s only about a week old, but it appears to be full of great BSers.

Good news-
He’s already in. Only need that email once!

(But it is good feedback, incase it’s a recurrent problem for others as well)

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We have to use a 3rd party for legit email sends. I could change it, but I risk dicking it all up. I think it’s outside our control, but good to know in case it becomes a huge problem and we need to move.


It’s probably fine. The auto-message says it can take “a few minutes.”

My confirmation email took a couple of hours as well. I also tried getting a sign-in link via email yesterday for my phone, and that took about 12 hours to arrive.

You folks must’ve pissed someone off. Mine came immediately.


Created account last night…nothing when I checked today. Requested resend…took a couple hours after that.

Not a complaint, just an FYI to help track the issue.


Good to know. I’m truly not sure how to fix that. Not sure if it’s the platform or our email provider.

Glad you could make it brother.

Took a few hours here as well. Figured Sean was to blame…

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Must be. After all, Brett did say it was all Sean’s work…

The web server may be sending the mail to the mail server in batches, and it may only happen 2-3x a day? I’m guessing.

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FYI, I joined the Gauntlet forum today (with some trepidation). Same system. I got my confirmation email in less than 1 minute (to the same email address I use for this forum).

Right. I’m thinking its a server config, not a software thing.

Yeah, I’m just now receiving email notififications for replies from several hours ago.

I don’t know their setup. My guess is it’s their email provider. You have to tie this thing into one. And we picked one that gives you so many thousand per month for free. I can’t say if they’re awesome or not.