New: A pamphlet adventure you can play in a bar

I’m proud to share with the BSer community my newest publication, a one-page pamphlet adventure designed to be played in a pub, or in the kitchen with your kids.


King Gold: A Pamphlet Adventure for Level 1-3 characters, is the first in a new series of stand-alone pamphlet quests, traces the hobby back to its weird roots, when a night of fun could be had using just a few pages of printed material. King Gold isn’t just a love letter to an old format, it’s a solution for Dungeon Masters who want to get to the table and go, using a prefabricated adventure that doesn’t take itself too seriously. King Gold works just as well in a bar with friends as it does at the kitchen counter with kids. Inside, you’ll find the following:

  • One-page story overview

  • Hex crawl wilderness introduction

  • All-in-one pamphlet with every tool a DM needs

  • Stat and monster tables conveniently placed

  • Full-size, unmarked map visuals for online play

King Gold is written, designed and illustrated by Jason Weitzel, the author of the 0-Level D&D ruleset Compleat Meat and the one-page beginner adventure “Carbuncle Quest,” both of which can be downloaded below. Maribeth Kradel-Weitzel contributed illustrations to each publication.


That’s a nice looking pamphlet ya got there.