Netflix Party

Hey everyone. I have some player things going on for GaryCon, but I don’t have anything going on Friday. Was thinking of doing a Netflix party.

Thinking of lining up Holy Grail, Indiana Jones, and Lord of the Rings.

I’m not expecting everyone to be on the whole day, but just throwing it out there for those that may want to ‘stop by’ and comment ‘dungeon master style’, which is where we chat in real time as if we were DM’s and players in the ‘game’ that is unfolding in front of our eyes.



I’d totally pop in for a bit.

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Installed and ready to go. You just need to share a URL.

I’m working from home. My personal computer is a keyclick away. Be neat to drop in from time to time.

I’m thinking of starting things off around 8am cdt.

8am - 10am cdt - Raiders of the Lost Ark
10:30am - 1:00pm - The Matrix

Not sure what I’ll schedule after this. Looking at Netflix now.

I’m waiting for teh link! (Yes, “teh” was intended.)

Sorry, running late. One sec.

Ok, I had to reboot. Use this:

Damn it. They pulled The Matrix.

I blame the Wachowskis. With M4 coming… They want to secure everything and get people rebuying it.

They have The Two Towers and Return of the King but not Fellowship. ARGH!

Oh well. I’ll fire this up:

Two Towers

I don’t understand the choice, but its been like that for a WHILE.

Firing up Return of the King now: