Need Recommendations: Bachelor Party One-Shot

I’ve been asked by one of my long-time players to run a one-shot for his bachelor party. It will be in 10 days.

I’ll be running D&D 5e, but that doesn’t really matter, as I can adapt anything to the system - so it’s not really a constraint. Though the fantasy tropes should be D&D-ish - no westerns, no modern, etc. (Well, I maybe a little bit, if its cool and fun.)

There will likely be quite a few players, and mixed genders. They will all be adults about
20-30 years of age.

I need to be able available for download/purchase online.

Play will be 4-6 hours and I’ll likely use/generate pregens for speed.

Ok, that’s enough constraints - any suggestions? Adult themes are OK, but should meet modern taste standards…


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I think it would be neat to look for cultural folklore and/or traditions for this sort of milestone (for the bachelor’s culture) that could drive the story and shape of the adventure.

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Wonder what you ‘long-time player’ would say as he appreciates you enough to run a game for his bachelor party with others that may not be gamers(?)

@Beerleaguer did the pamphlet adventure. Offering him to pitch his adventure here. :cough:

Wonder if it would be too cheesy to mimic a romance/courtship/feast scenario. Maybe a murder mystery within the game?

I am a fan of Wanye Chang, Baker and Adducci. They came out with this one after Eberron for 5e was launched. Curtain Call: A Sharn Adventure - Dungeon Masters Guild | Dungeon Masters Guild


How about a “tavern crawl” where the party has to solve (deal with) an issue at a tavern before closing time. They then travel to the next tavern that is still open and interact with a different problem, and so on…

Examples of events:

  • break up a fight and bring the parties to an accord
  • find out why everyone is passed out or vomiting (who poisoned the grog?)
  • figure out who is cheating while gambling
  • team axe throwing while drinking contest
  • etc.

Each of these scenarios could be played out in an hour before moving to the next open tavern.

Have fun with it!!

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Thanks Sean! As a matter of fact there’s a wedding twist at the end of my pamphlet adventure “King Gold.” I’ll just send you a copy of that and my other one-pager, Carbuncle Quest, which is also short and super, super simple to run. Short of those, there are a few short DCC and Pathfinder 1e quests that are adaptable to 5e that I’ve run for a loose mixed group like this. Thanks @sean for the nudge here.


Carbuncle Quest is PWIW … One-Page One-Shot #1 - Carbuncle Quest - Dungeon Masters Guild | Dungeon Masters Guild

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