Native American Sci Fi RPG Kickstarter

It’s what the topic title said. Setting sounds cool and you can support Native American creators.


Interesting indeed! I’ll have to check into that.

I backed it. The project looked good at the video got me pumped. Happy to support inclusion as well.

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We’re not gonna get hassled for “cultural appropriation” will we?

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I bit. Went for physical copy.

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That’s a good question. A good blog article about playing characters from a different ethnic/racial group is here:

And not to pump another podcast on the GBS forums, but there is further discussion of the topic with that blog post’s author in episode 11 of The Three Black Halflings podcast, titled, “Another Finger on the Racist Monkey’s Paw Closes.”

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I’ll check it out.
Sorry, that was a reply to Isaiah. Not just an ambiguous additional post, hehe.

Lol. I think I may have identified the wrong podcast episode, (it’s been a minute, maybe the topic came up twice). Ep. 27 of TBH is about the topic “Can anyone play a POC in TTRPGs?”

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I’m backing this as well, and am pretty excited to see how well it’s doing. Pretty cool!


Backed. I’ve been following this since mid-last year.

And what the heck, it’s all d12’s! That’s a definite back.


Campaign has 20 days left and is at about $470,000, they just set a $750,000 stretch goal for a companion app. I was vibing this when it was just a book, but it is really taking off now. Def looking forward to the books for Central and South America.


The campaign is at $900,000 with tomorrow as the end of the campaign. Take a look and think about backing.
If they hit a million, they say Rebecca Roanhorse (More About Me + Contact Info – Rebecca Roanhorse) will write an adventure for them.

I don’t know if other Hugo winners have written an adventure, so this is pretty unique.


Backed. Sending a copy to a reservation, which I think is pretty awesome.