Nate WASD20 Video on Things He Dislikes about 5E

I know that @sean is a 5E player. I think this video from Nate at WASD20 would be good fodder for the podcast, even if not the main topic. I agree with almost all of Nate’s points, except AC.


Humm… I see some of his points but, … I have trouble agreeing with most of his complaints. I did enjoy the video and will look up some more of his stuff. I like to think of 5E as an engine. The car or vehicle it powers is up to the group or maybe the just DM. If I call 5 of my friend and say I’m headed to town in this type of car. 4 out of the 5 say sounds great stop and get me. Number 5 says I’m not setting in the middle. The DM or driver replies with “sorry thats what I got. Maybe next time I can take the van and you’ll want to go along”. So with 5E the basic game engine is there. The group can add or remove options as they need or like. I understand some players or individuals might be uncertain about what to add or remove, but with a good group you can always take a spin around the block and see how it drives. Maybe you’ll need to balance the tires or add a spoiler for stability. This of course works good with players you know or have been around some. With a group of strangers RAW may be the best, but that’s probably a different thread. I would suggest making sure everyone’s on board and understands what changes are being made to avoid later conflicts. Session zero is always a good time to clarify any changes.


Good points. I have two main problems with 5E that coincide with Nate’s complaints: the superheroic nature of PCs in 5E (I would add to Nate’s complaints unlimited combat cantrips) and the kitchen sink approach to fantasy world building. In one campaign, I played a Barbarian very much modeled after Conan. But my DM’s world felt more like Monty Python, which didn’t really gel.

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It can be hard to mesh some stuff. For me I like the all or nothing part of hit points and how to recoup them. I remember back when you gained 1 point per night in AD&D days. It could really put a crimp on the in game time line when you spent a week or more in town with little to no gold just eating and sleeping, LOL. We had a cleric on the game days when he showed up but that just meant hanging out to regain spells. I also like the bigger than life heroes. For me both playing and DMing, I want the heroes to be just a little bit bigger than life. When I need to play a common guy, we grab DCC.
I do understand, sometimes it just doesn’t flow together and feels out of synch.