My Next Kickstarter - Pandora: Total Destruction

On Tuesday the 16th, my new Kickstarter launches for a supers game with an edge. Pandora: Total Destruction is an RPG about people with very destructive superpowers learning to control their abilities in order to stop a great evil. Each story involves a group of misfits and outcasts with dangerous powers at special institutions known as Pandora Academies. Some of them are schools. Some of them are prisons. Will you learn to control your power before it’s too late?

In addition to funding a 96-page core rulebook, I’ve been blessed to have some amazing stretch goal writers such as Eloy Lasanta (Part-Time Gods), Alastor Guzman (The Maze), Stephanie Bryant (Theeadbare), Brandon K. Aten (Never Going Home), and Brennan Bishop (Ninja Crusade).

The Kickstarter’s in preview mode now. You can choose to follow it and get a notification when the project goes live.