My First Set of Metal Dice

I’m not sure why, but I’ve never really been too invested in getting a set of metal polyhedral dice. Probably because I obsess over having multiples of certain dice, and it’s harder and more pricey when it comes to a polyhedral set.

These Fate dice from Norse Foundry, however, were on sale, and I decided to get my first set of metal dice. I like that the “font” of the dice matches the other Fate dice, and they have a really nice feel to them.

I got the steel and black because I thought it was a good “all-purpose” color combination. The next time I run a Fate game, we’ll see if I break my statistitically unlikely ability to roll a negative number consistently when running the game.


Love it. I do like metal dice but I always feel I can’t roll them with acrylic. I’m probably crazy, but we all have dice rituals.

I played at a game at Necronomicon this past weekend where we were all required to use the same d6, after we said hello to it. Fortunately it was a game with minimal die rolling. Fun the various rituals that people come up with around random events.


Metal dice are sweet. I got the Cthulhu set from Q Workshop. They give a sort of gravitas to the roll. Unfortunately, I need to use a cover to keep from breaking glass tables.

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I like metal dice at times, but they can be a pain to roll on some surfaces. Felt-lined dice trays work great, though.

I got a metal d20, it is something like 1.5” and weighs a pound or something. I’m only going to use it at conventions as it would seriously destroy my table at home.

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Ooohhh…conventions are gonna need wear and tear insurance with stuff like that. Have you considered a padded dice tray for that?

Very cool man! I always edge up to buying the Gamscience Zocchi precision dice, but then back down.

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They’re really coooool…don’t be afraid: join us!

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