My Current Loadout of Dice

Since I took pictures of these for a discussion on Twitter . . . I present all of my current dice (some still hiding in their boxes).


Good job Jared, the first step to getting healthy is to acknowledge that you have a problem!
Love the Elder Sign set.


I keep my dice in Plano boxes too! Oh wait … correction. I keep them in A Plano box (singular). LOL. (But to be fair, those are for dice that aren’t in my dice bag. So I have a normal/reasonable-sized dice bag and a box.)

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(I kid, but I enjoyed seeing your dice collection. Others should post theirs!)

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Dice envy at maximum

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I like the othello tokens. I’ve been wanting to find some of those at a thrift store for use as lightside/darkside.


These are the ones I keep at the ready. I have more in a Plano-ish box that I bring to sessions for players who don’t have their own. They’re sets put together from a few of those “pound of dice” deals.


Dude. There’s something about yellow dice. I love them if they have that butterscotch like old bakelite look to them The d6 on the top is a good example. Sometimes they look flat and sometimes they look like fossilized amber. Still looking for the perfect set. LOL. Same with ivory. There aren’t enough ivory dice out there! Chessex used to have good ones but the last time I bought a set of their ivory dice they weren’t as cool looking as the old set I have – didn’t match at all. They had too much translucency or something.


Hmm… Bakelite Dice - is there anything they can’t do?



I see some Black Oak dice in there… love those! Nice work on the pics. I need to do something similar with my ridiculous collection.

I might have a shot of just my Fate dice lying around… hm.

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And Jared’s post has caused me to think about my dice storage…

I want some of those d12 Fate Dice.

They’re sweet!

And now I’m just noticing in that pick that I’m missing one of my cream-colored Fudge dice!

Also, see the four over-sized wooden dice at the lower left? I made those – they are custom Fudge dice that I dubbed “dF.1” back in the day, when there was a lot of conversation on the Fudge mailing list about how the 4dF range over-ran the Fudge ladder (-3 to +3). My pitched solution was a d6 with one (-) side, one (+) side, and four blanks. The distribution was pretty cool, but then Fate came along, extended the ladder and solved the problem. =]