Mustering for The Black Hack

Alright, I see a couple of openings I think I can hit for The Black Hack game I’ve had on the Moot Sheet for a good long time now.

It’s looking like I can run a 630pm MST game starting on either December 30th or January 13th for those interested. After we pick the start date, the game would run every two weeks until it completes. I doubt it will run more than three sessions and might only be two, but we’ll see how we all feel about it.


Here are some refreshed details:

Game Name: The Black Hack

  • System / Setting: The Black Hack 2e
  • Sessions: 2-3, Biweekly
  • Concept: A streamlined, post-modern OSR experience with player-facing rolls, roll-under attribute mechanics, and the snazzy usage die
  • Aim: Choose pregens or make low-level characters and complete a simple OSR-style adventure
  • Tone: Fairly low fantasy – most humans are afraid of magic and don’t often see monsters, but they believe they are real.
  • Subject Matter: Classic OSR stuff – exploration, resource management, fighting foes, finding treasure, leveling up
  • Touchstones: Early versions of D&D, modern game theory

This game might be for you if want to play an OSR game but don’t love descending armor class, loads of saving throws, non-unified mechanics, XP for gold or other fiddly bits from back in the day that never quite struck your fancy.

This game might not be for you if you don’t like rulings over rules, not having access to highly differentiated and detailed character classes, and the fact that you might die ignobly and horribly in a ditch.

All of my games use Lines and Veils and the X-Card for safety tools. If you’ve never used those before don’t sweat it – I’ll explain them. They’re in place to make sure we all have a good experience at the table and have fun without getting stressed out.

The book itself has this to say about the game: PCs are human-centric and aren’t heroes, at least not at first. It’s a weird fantasy swords & sorcery game, a modern take on old school pulp fantasy.

I particularly like these bits: Adventure must be found. The world is cruel, weird, uncaring and gritty. And finally, You better be shrewd, or you’ll be dead.

Let’s do this!


What if I love those thing, but still want to play?


I’m down for Hacking into the Black…and No…I will not beg to play. That was my other character.:wink:

I’m in, though I sure am going to feel lost without my fiddly bits. :wink:

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If you are still looking for another player, I would like to join! Are you running this at BSer Con also?

I’m not, no. My game there will be Rangers of the Midden Vale.

If there’s lots of interest here, and it’s looking like there might be, I’ll try to run this again for a second batch of players… especially since it looks like (from chatter on the Discord) that some folks need to start a little earlier / later depending on their situations.

And to make sure the people who initially expressed interest in this game are aware it’s happening… hey @Luckstrider @digitalhobbit @ghostdm23 @Idahogamer @Gabe @Bohnhoff @jim @Farty @FeelinGoodLouis – see above.


I’m very interested! I own TBH 2 but never had a chance to get it to the table, aside from a single session with my kids years ago. You’ve mentioned it so often on the Discord and forum that I finally want to experience what it’s all about. :slight_smile:

I can potentially make 6:30pm MST work, but 7pm or 7:30pm would work a lot better.

Dec 30 is TBD for me. If we finally get some snow, I’ll likely be skiing then. Please don’t block on my behalf, though, if Dec 30 works for others. Jan 13 works well.

Unfortunately I’m still in the local group experiment and not sure if its going to stick yet or not. If it doesn’t stick then I’m available!

I’ll know more about the start date after @digitalhobbit’s Warlock! game on December 16th, so stay tuned here for the formal announcement of the date. And since it does look like there’s a fair bit of interest, I’d definitely look at running another session or two at some point, likely in a Saturday morning slot.

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My holiday calendar just got a lot more cramped… but let’s see if we can still manage to squeeze in a game. Check this Doodle Poll for potential game times. Vote for the times that work. Priority will go to those who’d signed up on the moot or have told me they’ve been waiting for ages to play…


And I should say, that once I have people locked in for the session, we’ll figure out whether this will be a true one and done one-shot, or more like 2-3 sessions.


Alrighty, the votes are in, methinks.

Looks to me like Tuesday at 7pm MST is the winnah. Sorry to @Gabe and @Eric_Salzwedel – will try to run another session in the future.

@jim @digitalhobbit @SidewinderME @Luckstrider – looks like we’re a go for that date and time if it still works for everyone.

I’ll be getting some materials out tonight, but don’t expect anything too fancy as time is tight.

Thoughts on this being a one-shot vs. something a little longer? (2-3 sessions)


Still in for this Tue!

I assume you’ll provide pre-gens?

I’m generally free on Tuesdays and open to either a one-shot or 2-3 sessions, if that allows us to get a better feel for the system and get closure on an adventure.

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Yup, will be providing pregens. Tuesdays generally aren’t great for me – this coming week is kind of an exception. We’ll see how we do, but I’m also eyeballing the every-other-Thursday night slot. (Starting Jan 13th)

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I’m a pretty tentative maybe on recurring attendance but I love the idea!

Understood. Let’s keep it simple and try to make it a con-game-like one-shot. I’m planning to run more TBH for others who missed out here, so if one of you feel like you didn’t get enough of a taste, there will be other opportunities.


Okay, so – life has decided to deal me some emergent real-life adventuring in the realm of parenting tomorrow night. Apologies @digitalhobbit @jim @SidewinderME and @Luckstrider, but tomorrow suddenly no longer works for me. Thanks, teenager! Love that girl, but GRRRRR.

So back to the drawing board for scheduling, though it’s possible I can still make Wednesday night work for @Eric_Salzwedel and @Gabe, or Sunday night for Jim and Sidewinder.

Woohoo! Sorry for the false start. We’ll get this scheduled yet.

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I can make the Wed 8pm one work. Or wait til Sunday. I’m good with either way.

If you need an extra player, I can make Wednesday night. I think I can make Sunday night as well.