Mothership: Session Zero

Tonight we’re kicking things off. I’m going to try and be online by 7:45pm cdt. Please be on by 8p cdt/9 est.

Reminder, we’ll be streaming to Twitch.

What to expect
We’ll start on character generation. Find out what everyone is playing.

We will go over some rules - please let me know if you have picked up the rules and if you have looked them over. It’s ok if you haven’t, just trying to get a feel for those that have reviewed the mechanics and those that have not. :slight_smile:

I sometimes forget, from running games with close personal friends, but I want to be sure everyone is good with the content. This will be a TV-MA (LV) - strong language, and violence. For those that have not played Mothership it is a sci-fi horror game.

This session could last 30 minutes, or it could last a couple hours. Please let me know below if you have a hard stop.

Zoom - please ensure you have that installed. I have sent invite link & password via DM here on the forums

Are there any upfront questions or concerns that I can address before we meet? If you want to convey something in private, please don’t hesitate to DM me here.

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The only part of the rules I haven’t made it through are the starship portions.

I don’t have a hard stop for tonight.

I’m f&$*ing ready for a TV-MA game, the only thing I would ask is that we not have any sexual violence in the game.

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I don’t understand the need for sex in games, ESPECIALLY sex of the violent nature. In over 30 years of gaming, I can’t recall ever conveying anything sexual in nature in an RPG and I’ve played Monster Hearts!


I am glancing over the rules now.
I printed out a character sheet.
I do not have a character idea yet.
I will have my cam up and running.
I will be drinking (already started) adult beverages.
I do not have a hard stop time.
I am also opposed to sexual violence. Sex is great and violence is great though.

I printed out two character sheets. I have a feeling I’ll need it.

Hopefully I haven’t missed any ship name options:

  • Black Betty
  • Porkchop Express
  • Profit (or Prophet) Margin
  • Ernie Ford
  • Banquo Asteroth Epislon
  • Something Else Entirely

If we go with Porkchop Express, I’m changing my patch to either “It’s all in the reflexes” or “I never fly faster than I can see.”

Here is Dr. Aaron Timms.

I couldn’t come up with a plausible reason for a physicist to be on a freighter, so I changed Eric Lark to a teamster, kept Piloting and Computers, but gave him Zero-G and Vehicle Specialization, and the Excavation load out.

Edit: Just realized Teamster gives you Zero-G and Mechanical Repair, plus one of Piloting or Heavy Machinery, and 4 points to spend. So I kept the skills mentioned before, and added Mechanical Repair and Scavenging.

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Sorry guys, didn’t see the invite till just now.

I own the rules

Did I miss a lot?


Jeff’s Marine had a whole prequel campaign that she played through before she met our characters.

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Did you guys decide on a name for your ship?

I like Prophet Margin. Nice pun and quite appropriate for miners/business owned ship.


I vote Profit Margin, with “Profit” painted over by our deeply spiritual marine.