Mothership Session 4 Roll Call

Hello space truckers, it’s the Warden. Was wondering who is up for the game this Thursday. We will be without Dr Timms, well, Jared won’t be there. I suppose Timms has nowhere else to go. BWHAHAHAHAHA.

Let me know!


I’ll be there.

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I’m ready for action! Just leave a big box of pills lying around, we’ll be fine!

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@jscifert ? @Dirtilus ?

@DaogTheBlue has confirmed that he’s in.

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Ok. So far @jim @ctakahashi @DaogTheBlue and @jscifert are all good. Just seeing if Dan can make it. I think we can still play with 4 if everyone is good with that.

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Dr Tim has passed out from the never-confirmed-but-yet-suspected alien pathogen. Perhaps he caught it from the engineer? Hmmmm…maybe we should quarantine him in someplace secure…like an airlock? XD

I’m good to go.

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I know Sean’s already plotting my off screen demise, but anybody mind if I actually do make it tonight?

haha, I was thinking DIRT might have glitched and put you in Cryo, but we can wait with that.

Yeah, might as well make it an opposed check in game. :wink:

All right guys! The ship is free, we’ve got some power and maneuverability. Now it’s time to turn the tables and make whoever it is who’s been messing with is bleed! HOO RAH!

I might be late or miss tonight. No one is working tomorrow. So, our fourth might start early. I’ll know better later today, seeing where this neighborhood text stream is going.

THanks for letting me know Dan.

Where am I going to get my soothing backrub?

From the dismembered head/mellon.

Noooo I will haunt you!
Sorry guys, but can’t make it. Hanging poolside with a drink in my hand.

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Got it. Thanks Dan!