Mothership First Impressions

I mean, this may be of interest here.


Hello Jared,

I personally have enjoyed watching you guys play Mothership. When Sean first spoke about it on the podcast my ears tuned right in. I am the type of guy who likes to read reviews and get some trusted advice. That being said I really liked your write up, there are a couple of question you have answered. And your review comes from first hand experience and there is value in that.


And hopefully, this next episode we can show how the panic mechanism works as well!

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Great article, Jared. Mothership is very piecemeal. Picking up Dead Planet and A Pound of Flesh has helped with planning missions and game design but it would be nice if it was all in one core book.

It’s definitely a wise move to let your players know what they’re signing up for. When I pitched my group on the rpg I made it clear using movie examples what they’d be getting into (Alien/Event Horizon). My buddies were all down for over the top horror, the implications it may have for their characters, and the fall out from the stress mechanics but that type of gaming isn’t for everyone and could lead to a bad gaming experience if not forewarned.

Keep up the solid game reviews!