Mothership: Deadplanet Session 1

Next session will be Thursday, April 23rd, at 7:45pm cdt.

We’ll be shooting to play every two weeks until we get through Dead Planet, or there is a TPK.

I am considering sending each of you a calendar invite. This way I can put in the Zoom info and there isn’t any issue with time zones.

Jared R. as
Scientist Dr. Aaron Timms

Jim I. as
Teamster Eric Lark

Jeff G. as
Ogda the Marine

Jeff S. as
Teamster Jackson Dane

Dan G. as

Curtis T. as
Marine Beaufort Gubka

Tune-in as the crew of the (insert name of ship here) make their way through the vast darkness of space.


Hi guys,
Sorry I’m late to the party
I’ve rolled up:
Marine Beufort Gubka
Trinket: Calendar: Military Battles
Patch: Red Shirt Logo (I kid you not!)


Well, it seems that fate has already been decided for Beufort. :smiling_imp:

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@Dirtilus what was your PC’s name?

I believe his name will be D.I.R.T. 1
still trying to turn that is to an acronym.

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A Directed Intelligence Research & Technology Model 1?

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Awesome, I like it!

Who’s anxious to get into Sean’s basement?

I mean, virtually.

I wouldn’t, like, B&E or anything.

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I’d like to go live at 8pm. If you guys could show up 20-30 min early, that would be great. I don’t actually need you present, I just need you to be on Zoom as I can align your mugs with the overlay I have. THanks in advance!

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Most assuredly…SIR!

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Hey guys! So far so good! No damage taken and the only one who’s stressed is D.I.R.T.! Had a great time last night. Pity about the feed. Many thanks to our Warden, Sean!


Glad to have you onboard Curtis.