MOSAIC Strict Framework

I don’t know if anyone else has been following this but I’ve enjoyed following its development. I’ve even contributed a few modules.

The basic idea is to build a library of short, independent rules modules so that player groups can select the bits the want to assemble the game they desire. The manifesto is detailed further here: Trilemma Adventures: Nothing at the Bottom: MOSAIC Strict RPG Design

There are currently 33 different modules that I know of, making a complete enough menu of rules that at least 1 session of a MOSAIC game has been played. I think the most up-to-date collection of modules is here: Mosaic Strict Rule Sets - Google Sheets

While the idea of a game without one unifying mechanic makes me a bit queasy, I’m enamored by the notion that wildly different games could still be equally valid MOSAIC experiences. It’s already true of every game as I’d argue that a rulebookdoes not contain the game but instead the game develops out of the interpretation and implementation of those rules, which can vary between groups. Here that variation is made explicit and celebrated.

And, even if your uninterested in a full game of MOSAIC, the more specific and niche modules (such as my own fishing minigame or Paul Czege’s love-making procedures) offer an excellent addition to any other game!

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