Mork Borg Last Minute

I’m looking to run the scenario from the book Rotblack Sludge, today Friday 2200 EST - 0100 EST and/or Saturday 2200 EST - 0100 EST. Let me know if you’re interested.

That would be 2022-01-21 and 2022-01-22 respectively.


You face execution for heretical theft but a masked Seer, a Courtier of the Shadow King, offered you a chance at life. The King’s one true heir, his son Aldon, is missing. Without an heir the Shadow King will eventually be forced to hand his crown to his imbecile brother. Get him back discreetly and wealth, life and freedom will be yours. It’s believed Aldon is imprisoned in an infamous underground locale, a place no free man would willingly go, a place called The Accursed Den.

Players new to Mörk Borg welcome. It’s a fantasy horror game (with a good dose of gallows humor) set in an apocalyptic medieval world, and characters’ odds aren’t always great. It is also very rules-light and can be learned in a matter of minutes.

Pre-gens are provided, and new characters can be created in seconds via Foundry.

Discord for voice, Foundry VTT for anything else (free and no account required). Game will take place as long as there are at least 2 players. I ask age 20+, reasonable quality mic & internet connection, and respectful of all other players.